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3 Important Documents You Need to Store Your Vehicle


Car registration can be tricky! You feel like you are suddenly thrown in through a whirlwind of stressful need-to store- by dates, “we have no units available” phone calls, and trips to and from home to get the right paperwork.  Put a stop to your madness and learn how to be prepared.

At A-1 Self Storage, you can give yourself peace of mind again! Here is a breakdown of what you will need to qualify so that you can eliminate stress and be prepared early.

Before You Store:

       The following documents are required to store all vehicles including RVs and Motorcycles

  1. Registration – The vehicle’s current registration is required and the registration must match the renter’s name, for your safety and assurance. (Also needed for trailers for boats and jet skis)
  2. Proof of insurance – It’s tempting to cancel your insurance while your car is in storage, but it is a requirement to be able to rent a unit or parking spot!
  3. Valid Driver’s License

To verify that units are available at a location near you please call your local office or visit our website.

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