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5 Tips to Navigate Working From Home


By now, you have probably already sanitized and organized your entire home and are settling into your new work from home life. The first few days always seem easy, but as the days stream together and turn to weeks, you may start to feel restless and anxious. As we all continue to work through these uncertain times, here are some tips to stay focused and maintain a sense of normalcy in your everyday life. 

Stick to your normal routine. This will require modifications, but it is important to follow your normal morning routine to prepare yourself "work mode". Continue to work out, shower, get dressed, etc. If the idea of not wearing work clothes is one you can't let go of, dress from the waist up and wear comfy pants! No one will see your entire outfit on Zoom anyway. It's a win-win!

Take a lunch break away from your workspace. Sitting stagnant all day will eventually take a toll on your mental and physical health. When you start to feel yourself slouch or notice you are re-reading material multiple times, take ten to stretch and refocus.  Be sure to take a lunch break sometime during the day to eat and get some fresh air. 

Plan your days ahead of time. This is a tricky one during these trying times, but a schedule will provide a sense of normalcy and help you stay on track. Keep in touch with your colleagues and encourage everyone to create a schedule together. This will allow for a healthy workflow and assure no task is left behind in the chaos.

Play white noise in the background. We are all in this together, and if you have thin walls or children at home, you are suddenly confronted with entirely new distractions like dogs barking, children playing, or roommates watching TV. White noise can help tune out distractions and refocus your mind so your productivity is not compromised. 

Swap out calls, e-mails, and texts for video. This is a time when technology is great! Video chat with your colleagues and friends and family to stay connected. As humans, we need social interactions. Doing so via FaceTime is the best way to stay healthy while staying social!

We hope these tips help you navigate your current work situations as we all adapt to working from home and practice social distancing. To keep up to date with how A-1 Self Storage is reacting to the continual changes please visit our webpage here

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