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Granddaughter reading with grandmother

A-1 Self Storage Charity Spotlight: Meals on Wheels


Independence is a milestone in life earned at a young age. Glimpses of independence are slowly sprinkled into our teenage years as we grow into adulthood until, one day, we are free to do as we wish. It is that feeling of independence that liberates young adults and lends a sense of pride and humanity to our lives, but as we age, we again become more reliant on each other.

At A-1 Self Storage, we are honored to be a long-term supporting partner of Meals on Wheels San Diego. Meals on Wheels is a foundation that preserves seniors citizen's independence by delivering meals directly to their homes. Volunteers deliver everything from hot dinners to pet food with a smile and open ears. We believe that supporting or senior community is paramount, and stand strongly behind Meals on Wheels' mission to support the independence and well-being of the people who shaped our childhood and community. 

During a time when we have all had to reign in our leash of independence and stay home for the greater good, our senior community has felt the feelings of isolation, fear, and inability to shop ten fold. Problems of visiting the market for groceries and feelings of loneliness seniors face regularly has only been exacerbated through the global COVID-19 pandemic. Meals and Wheels recognizes they are needed now more than ever by seniors and have kept their meal service running while implementing strict sanitization and heath guidelines for the safety of their volunteers and seniors. 

Meals on Wheels services are not restricted by any socioeconomic requirements, but it is much more than a meal delivery service. Anyone over the age of 60 is eligible for well-balanced meals, pet food delivery, clean-up and minor repair services. In addition, volunteers complete health checks, assure meals are eaten, and stories are heard and remembered. They understand we do not all of the liberty of living near by our elderly friends and family or have the ability to be a physical presence in their lives each day. Volunteers treat each person with as much respect and compassion as they would their own family members. 

If you have a friend or family member who would benefit from this service, whether it is temporary to support hi mor her through the pandemic, or following surgery, or indefinitely, you can find information on pricing and meal plans here

Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer to be a helping hand for seniors and their families, the volunteer application is open and you can submit an application to become a volunteer and read the heart warming stories from seniors who's lives were improved through the Meals on Wheels program. 

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