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A-1 Self Storage Charity Spotlight: NAMI San Diego


At A-1 Self Storage, our mission extends beyond providing convenient self storage options. We are dedicated to supporting the communities we serve by providing resources, education, and donation to charities advocating alongside those who can’t do it alone.

1 in 5 Americans live with mental illness and are faced with a lack of support due to societal stigmas and lack of education. NAMI San Diego’s goal is to support, educate, and advocate for individuals living with a mental illness, their families, and the general public to end the stigma that keeps many from seeking help.

NAMI San Diego has grown from a group of families meeting at a dining room table in the early 1970s to an organization of over 400 members and the limit does not exist. Services include everything from career help, support groups, and educational services to volunteer opportunities for those who want to get involved.  One participant explained "I have met others struggling with similar issues and this creates a great supportive environment.  I have learned more about a variety of brain disorders and ways to communicate and understand what the ill person is going through.”

The family-to-family classes radiant NAMI San Diego’s main goal, to provide education, support, and advocacy. Anyone is from parents to friends and members of the community. One parent expressed the impact of the course and shared, “the Family-to-Family Education Course has been extremely valuable to me. (1) Supportive environment (2) information that shed light on behaviors I had not previously understood (3) Explanations of physical aspects of mental illness made me realize how confused and helpless my son must feel.”

Others have shared how NAMI San Diego reunited their families, “the Family-to-Family course literally saved my family’s lives. I was educated to understand mental health illnesses, medicines, learned to better communicate with my loved one, and learned I was not alone-I had NAMI,” and given them optimism expressing, “It has given me genuine hope.  A hope that takes into account, in one fact that faces head on the tragic and seemingly insurmountable challenges we’re facing.”

The team offers friendly and understanding people and brings together those in the local community who understand what it is like to be affected by mental illness.

Mental health is crucial to living a healthy and fulfilling life and NAMI San Diego is a support system, we here at A-1 Self Storage are proud to support. If you wish to see more on how NAMI San Diego has impacted members of our local community, here is a short video of a few individuals sharing their stories.

If you wish to support NAMI San Diego you can donate funds to help fund the organization’s free services or donate a vehicle, become a member, or volunteer your time or expertise.

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