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Declutter, Clean, and Organize Your Garage


Cleaning out the garage is a daunting task, one many of us put off for way too long! Garages become the world’s largest catch-all for tools, furniture, mementos, and children’s toys, and before we know it our cars are kicked to the curb, literally.

Not only do cars lose their space, but you might also feel like you’re losing your mind when you need to find that one elephant stuffed animal, or the Halloween decorations you packed so carefully last year. At A-1 Self Storage we understand how difficult it is to maintain a neat and tidy garage, which is why we are sharing our favorite tips for organizing your garage.

  • Make a plan, and get your friends or family to help! Cleaning out the garage is no joke, and will likely take all day if not all weekend. Make a plan of what section to start with and grab some help. You’ll especially want help if your family also stores their belongings in your garage. One’s trash is another’s treasure! And you’ll be doomed if you throw away your kids favorite toy that’s been untouched for years.
  • Use clear containers and a shelving system. Avoid stuffing everything in too few of containers. This will result in heavy bins difficult to reach and search through. Whether you decide to attach shelves to the wall or purchase free standing shelves, shelves are a non-negotiable to getting organized.
  • Divide your garage into sections. You will be able to maintain your newly organized garage if you designate certain areas of it. For example, one side might be for activities and another for decorations.
  • Designate one wall for a pegboard or heavy-duty rack. You can hang bikes, tools, and other equipment used regularly for easy access. It’s off the floor and aesthetically pleasing!
  • Label boxes with decorations by holiday and purpose. Separate outdoor decorations from indoor decorations and label your boxes. Remember to keep the label facing outward!
  • Get rid of what you do not need. Avoid holding on to any old décor, damaged items, and clutter. If you haven’t used it in the past year, you likely do not need to hold on to it. Instead, host a garage sale and benefit from your old clutter!

Once you have cleaned out and organized your garage your car can have its old home back, and better yet, you will be able to find your holiday decorations when the time comes. We hope you found these tips helpful and wish you the best of luck in tackling your garage clutter. If you find yourself with an abundance of belongings you want to hold on to, give your local A-1 Self Storage a call. We have clean and convenient storage units in many sizes to fit your needs. Don’t let clutter continue to slow you down. We are always happy to help.

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