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How to Spend Easter with Loved Ones at a Distance


As we continue to adhere to social distancing protocols during this holiday we’d like to share a few ways you can celebrate the holiday with your loved ones while staying healthy.

  • Schedule a video chat. Many video chat platforms do not require users to use the same device and allow for multiple parties to be on at once. Video chat with your friends and family while you cook and bring them to the table with you for a meal!
  • Create an Easter egg scavenger hunt indoors. Give each friend or family member a clue and hide phone numbers in plastic eggs. Each time your child finds an egg, he or she gives a new loved one a call to find the next egg and wish him or her a happy Easter.
  • Call your neighbors. As we endure this together, be sure to check-in on those around you who you aren’t always in constant contact with. A quick call might seem like nothing to you, but it may uplift someone else’s day.

We wish you all a happy and safe Easter with your friends and family, whatever that may look like this year!