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How Your Self Storage Unit Can Help During the Pandemic


You may know your self storage unit as an extra garage, a space for work tools, your dorm room keeper, or a special extension of your home that holds memories and sentimental items, but your storage unit is not limited to one trade. Use your storage unit as a helping hand during the current pandemic!

  • Working from home? Use your storage unit to help clear out extra furniture, paper filing systems, and other clutter to make room for a long term comfortable workspace. Whether you have returned to the office yet, or not an at-home workspace turns a forgotten corner of your home into a useful space to work from!
  • Extra time on your hands? Grab your mask and sanitizer and stop by your storage unit to organize and consolidate your belongings. Delegate items to keep, sell, and donate piles and collect some extra cash from those items sitting in storage!
  • Service providers, use your storage unit to get organized and store extra cleaning supplies. As a service provider whether you’re in the beauty, cleaning, fitness, or maintenance industry, you can use your storage unit to help reorganize your equipment. The assets you use in your trade are critical to consumer satisfaction. Enlist the help of your storage unit to keep your items clean, sanitized, and ready to operate and store extra masks and other cleaning essentials for yourself, employees, and your clients.

Our clean, modern, and convenient storage units are multi-functional, so don’t let your unit become a one-trick pony! How do you plan to expand your unit’s portfolio to help during the pandemic? Let us know on our Facebook or Instagram page!

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