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It's Not Too Late, Get Organized This Year!


It's that time of year again, when you reflect on the past year, and plan for changes and success for the year to come. A great New Year’s resolution is to get organized. Getting organized personally and financially will help your year run smoothly. Here are some storage tips for the New Year!

Keep, Store, Donate, or Trash

To start getting organized, it is a good idea to go through your closets, cabinets, rooms, and garage to determine which items should be kept, stored, donated, or trashed. Removing the clutter and organizing your home will hope you stay organized throughout the year.

Sign up for Automatic Payments

Setting up automatic payments for your monthly bills will ensure you’re never late, saving you time and money! If you already have a storage unit, or plan to rent a unit, signing up for automatic payments is a very convenient way to pay your bill. Stop into the office and simply fill out this quick form to get started.

Storage Containers

After the holidays, stores often have great deals on storage containers. Storage containers help keep your items organized and clean. They will also help save space, since you can easily stack the bins instead of trying to stack oddly shaped items. It is also a great idea to label your containers to help you easily locate items.

Organization Systems

Adding organization systems to your home will help you stay organized and easily locate your items. Shelving, totes, bins, or baskets are great ways to help get your rooms and cabinets organized.

We hope these simple tips will help you usher in a more organized New Year.