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Meet the Self Storage Manager: Corina at A-1 Self Storage in San Jose!


A-1 Self Storage knows that our customer service is one of the main things that sets us apart from other self storage companies. Our managers receive the best training in the industry, and truly care about our community. Below you can meet Corina Villagomez. who has been with A-1 Self Storage since 2002. 

You can meet Corina at A-1 Self Storage in San Jose near the Capitol Expressway.

Peter: Hey Corina, how many years have you been with A-1 Self Storage?

Corina: I hit my 15 year anniversary last October.

Peter: Fifteen years is a long time in any profession! How did you find yourself involved with A-1 Self Storage?

Corina: I was referred by a friend who is no longer with the company. I got the job and have been here ever since.

Peter: Did you go on the internet and apply or was it a word of mouth type of referral?

Corina: My friend was working for the company at the time; I came in and was hired.

Peter: Was self storage something you wanted to get into before that? Or property management in general?

Corina: No actually, my previous job before I started here was at the cable company. I had no clue about storage at all when I started. I do remember when this lot was just flat land. When it was being built, it started to look like a castle to me. I thought, “What is that gonna be?” Sure enough it was self storage and I thought it looked really fancy.

Peter: You’re right, this is a fancy storage place. Very clean and modern. What’s the experience working for A-1 Self Storage been like?

Corina: It’s been really good. I love the open door policy our corporate office has. Just hearing the different stories on why people need storage. It’s been interesting. Some sad stories, some happy stories, and everything in between.

Peter: There’s not just one type of person who needs storage. I’m sure you meet people with all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life.

Corina: Yeah absolutely. Even myself at one time!

Peter: Are there any memorable moments that come to mind about working self storage that stand out?

Corina: There’s plenty of stories, but the one thing that I will take with me when or if I decide to move on is when you look at all my online reviews, the majority of them say my name. Everybody talking about my professionalism, my customer service, and my people skills. That means a whole lot. It’s the little things like that. A simple acknowledgment of going above and beyond for my customers, making them want to come back.

Peter: Especially since they’re encountering you at point in their life that might be a little stressful. It’s probably nice to deal with someone like you who is motivated, happy, and willing to go the extra mile. That goes a long way.

Corina: Exactly!

Peter: Do you feel like you have developed a skill really well, or become an expert at something in your 15 years here?

Corina: Not one thing in particular, but I will say that I am pretty good at reading people. It can be stressful to move. You don’t know what size unit you need, or how many boxes, and I just kind of try to take the stress out of it. We just talk about it and I have gotten good at reading the vibe of the person.

Peter: If someone were moving to the San Jose area, you’ve been here a little while, do you have any suggestions you’d make for things to do or what they should know about the area?

Corina: One thing I would say that goes back to storage, if you’re price comparing and weighing your options, if the price is all you want, that’s fine, but my strong suggestion is take a tour of the facilities. Go off of what you feel when you get your tour before making a decision on where to rent. As far as the area, it’s pretty family friendly and laid back.

Peter: If someone is moving into this facility and they do it around lunch time, is there a nice place nearby that you’d recommend?

Corina: Yes, High Five Pizza. It’s busy during lunch, but it’s really good.

Peter: Is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to that’s been a friend on staff that’s helped you out the past?

Corina: I will give a shout out to the manager at our High Street location in Oakland - Mark. He’s my go-to guy if I need advice on a particular situation.