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Angelica standing in the office at A-1 Self Storage in Bell Gardens, California.

Self Storage Milestone: Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Angelica!


Here at A-1 Self Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our customers is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with team member Angelica, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with A-1 Self Storage.

Angelica works at A-1 Self Storage in Bell Gardens, California on Garfield Avenue.

Shannon: Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary with A-1 Self Storage!

Angelica: Thanks! 

Shannon: What were you doing a year ago before you started working here?

Angelica: I actually was working for another self storage company?

Shannon: Gotcha. How long were you there?

Angelica: For about three years. 

Shannon: Was it a similar experience to A-1 Self Storage? 

Angelica: It was actually a little different in the way it was managed. The environment was different, and the way things were handled at the other company was a little different. 

Shannon: Was it an easy transition then?

Angelica: Yeah it was definitely an easy transition for me coming over here to A-1 Self Storage. I really enjoy the environment here. It was different, and I liked that. 

Shannon: That’s great. Since you’ve worked in self storage in general for almost 4 years, is there anything that surprised you about self storage when you first started working in it?

Angelica: Probably all the different kinds of people that use self storage. People are in different situations and different needs for self storage. You meet all different kinds of customers

Shannon: What is your current title at the facility?

Angelica: I’m a Sales Associate.

Shannon: Right on. So you work at the facility on Garfield Avenue with Gilbert right?

Angelica: Yes I do.

Shannon: Was Gilbert the one who trained you when you first started at A-1 Self Storage?

Angelica: Well, I was at a different location before I transfered to the Garfield location. Todd was actually the person who trained me when I first came here. I think he did a great job. He walked me through all the procedures and was very patient from me.

Shannon: What do you feel has been the most important thing you’ve learned working here over the past year?

Angelica: I would say working with people. You’ll be in a lot of different situations working with people. Being more understanding and learning how to get along with people.

Shannon: Why did you decide to get into the self storage industry and stay in it?

Angelica: The reason was I have family who worked in self storage previously, so they got me into it. Then, after working for the other company, I decided to look for other opportunities and found A-1 Self Storage. So far I do like A-1. I like the environment. Like the people I work with, and good customers who come in that are very friendly. It’s really good. Some of them come in daily, and you really get to know them. Sometimes they’ll cheer you up, or you’ll get to cheer them up. 

Shannon: Very nice! So I just have a few more questions that are more about life outside of work. Do you have any hobbies? 

Angelica: Actually I do outdoor stuff! I’m a little bit of an adventurist. I like to go hiking, exploring nature, seeing sights. 

Shannon: Sounds relaxing. Do you have any pets?

Angelica: I have a dog, actually, named Toby. He’s a poodle mix. He’s a hyper dog that likes to run around. He’s not a tiny tiny one though, just a medium sized one.