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Self Storage Milestone: Happy 19-Year Anniversary to Steve Krampach!


Here at A-1 Self Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our customers is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with Steve Krampach, who is celebrating his 19-year anniversary with A-1 Self Storage.

You can meet Steve at our A-1 Self Storage location in Cypress, CA.

Colby: Hi Steve, thank you for taking some time with us. I understand this is your 19th anniversary with A-1 Self Storage?

Steve: I believe that’s correct.

Colby: Ok, so you’ve been there for a good long while then. Was A-1 your first job working in the self storage industry?

Steve: Yes.

Colby: What made you decide to get into self storage when you first applied?

Steve: My wife was working for A-1 Self Storage at the time.

Colby: Oh, ok, so she gave you a good insider perspective of the job then?

Steve: Yeah, they were expanding into the area and opening up several new stores at the time, and she told me about it back then.

Colby: You’re at the Cypress location now, is that where you’ve been the whole time?

Steve: No, we trained at the Anaheim facility, then we opened up Fullerton, then Cypress opened up after that.

Colby: What was your initial impression of self storage? I know you got your wife’s perspective before you applied, but were there any surprises once you got hired?

Steve: I wasn’t too surprised. You just see a lot of different people that need storage. A wide array of people for a wide array of reasons need storage.

Colby: Everybody needs storage from one time or another. Tell me, if someone were applying for a job at A-1 with no experience, what advice would you give them about the industry and the company in general? What does it take to succeed?

Steve: The skill I think people need most is being able to assess how people need to store their belongings, like how tight to pack the unit for instance.

Colby: If I was somebody that was more apt to return to my unit to swap things in and out, you’d recommend not to pack it up too tight?

Steve: Not only that, but also tips to help them store delicate items, tips for making things easier to move things out as well. The more knowledgeable you are, the better.

Colby: Is there anything you find yourself regularly helping customers with? Any common misconceptions about how to store things properly?

Steve: One tip I give most people is when they are storing a refrigerator, put it in the front of the unit instead of the very back.

Colby: My first instinct would be to put the fridge all the way in the back. Why is it better to put it in the front of the unit?

Steve: Because when you’re moving out, it’s usually the first thing you put in the moving truck, so you want to put it in the front of the storage unit, so you can put it on the truck first. The fridge is your biggest, safest box, so it’s a great thing to put delicate items in that you want to protect from maybe getting smashed by other boxes.

Colby: When people are loading up a unit, they’re probably not thinking much about the plan for how to get it out, they just want to get everything stored right now. That’s good advice! Are there any stories from the job that stand out over the last 19 years?

Steve: I’ve had so many things over the years, all kinds of stuff. I’ve seen people store classic cars. I’ve seen customers’ kids grow up and become adults, because they’ve rented with us for that long. I’ve had customers pass away, which is always unfortunate. Some customers almost feel like family I’ve known them so long.

Colby: That’s really great. Outside of self storage, what are some of your hobbies? What keeps you busy when you aren’t at work?

Steve: Kids! If I had more free time I might say basketball, but with the kids all being in school, they keep me busy most nights!

Colby: How many do you have?

Steve: Three.

Colby: Wow, that’s a full time job right there! One would be a full time job.

Steve: I’m a family man.

Colby: Tell me a little about the area you’re in. Any good local restaurants you’d recommend?

Steve: There’s quite a few. I like a little hamburger stand down the street called Imperial Burgers. They have an excellent breakfast menu. I’d eat their breakfast over IHOP any time. They also have the best pastrami sandwich in town! Chili cheese fries, too.

Colby: Is there anything interesting to do in town? Events to attend?

Steve: Not a whole lot in Cypress. The community will sometimes do movie nights in the park down by the police station, but I don’t take advantage of it. I see a lot of people that go, because it’s right down the street.

Colby: Finally, is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to?

Steve: Sure, I’d like to give a shout out to my family!