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The walkway in front of the main office at A-1 Self Storage in Paramount, CA, where Brittany is the Facility Manager.

Self Storage Milestone: Happy 2nd Anniversary to Brittany!


Here at A-1 Self Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our customers is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with Brittany, who is celebrating her 2nd anniversary with A-1 Self Storage.

Brittany works at A-1 Self Storage in Paramount, CA.Brittany took a picture of herself in the office at A-1 Self Storage in Paramount, CA.

Jodie: Happy Anniversary! How long have you worked for A-1 Self Storage in Paramount?

Brittany: This will be my second year.

Jodie: Tell me about celebrating that. Have you had a great experience?

Brittany: The last two years have been wonderful. I have learned new things and strengthened so many areas when it comes to office work, friendliness, and customer experience. I am so glad for this position and all it has taught me.  

Jodie: What is your current position?

Brittany: I am a Sales Associate here at A-1 Self Storage in Paramount. I help with customers and assist my associates.

“I feel like Brittany has a strong work ethic. She’s very friendly and has great customer service skills. She knows exactly how to deal with every different type of customer and situation thrown her way."

Sarah, New Manager at A-1 Self Storage in La Habra

Jodie: What did you do prior to your position at A-1 Self Storage?

Brittany: I worked in retail at a mall in Lakewood. I was an associate there as well, selling body products, sprays, and bathing essentials at Bath and Body Works.

Jodie: I’ve been reading about that part of California. Did you like it there?

Brittany: I don’t know a lot about Lakewood. I just worked there and I would drive there every day to work. At the time, I lived in Paramount for 5 years.

Jodie: Is traffic bad in that area?

Brittany: The good thing about this area is the cities are close together, so if you want to take the freeway to get there faster you can. If not, you can take the streets and the 91 is close.  

“It’s nice to be working with Brittany. She is a hardworking young lady. She’s very determined and has great customer service."

Patricia, New Manager at A-1 Self Storage in Paramount

Jodie: Nice! Did you find there to be many similarities or differences working in retail versus self storage?

Brittany: What I did bring over here from Bath and Body Works was my customer service. When I came here I had already developed the ability to speak with customers. I am able to listen to what they need and communicate how we can help them, so they can get exactly what they want.

Jodie: Do you have a good work/life balance in your current position?

Brittany: Yes, I do believe this company is giving me a wonderful work/life balance. I am so grateful for the Casters and the company being able to work with my schedule. I went to school (I’m taking a break right now), but during school, I went to California State University Dominguez Hills and they were able to work with my schedule! I was able to go to school and then come to work here. That balance of my work and school was great with my son going to school as well. This is just a great experience with management and being able to work has been wonderful the past couple of years.

Jodie: What was your major?

Brittany: Liberal Studies. I am going to continue, just taking a little break. I will get a degree in Elementary Education.

Brittany and her son, EJ.Jodie: That’s wonderful. What grade do you want to teach?

Brittany: It’s a multi-credential program, so I will be qualified to teach any grades from K-6th.

Jodie: Do you have a preference?

Brittany: I am getting ready to do my site visits and I’m thinking of 3rd grade. They’re at that age where they’re still excited about learning, but they listen to the teacher! Not too young.

Jodie: I have a 3rd grader. He’s 9-years-old, Aiden. I agree with you completely!

Brittany: Exactly. They are at that maturity level where they are still respectful and curious!

Jodie: That is true!

“As for Brittany, she’s always been really sweet and nice. I only worked with her during training, but she has a very bubbly and kind personality. I would say she has a strong work ethic. She travels far to get to Paramount and she has a young son. Combine that with working full-time with us and she has a lot on her plate. It takes a strong person to handle all that. I’ve only heard good things from the team at Paramount."

Sarah, Manager at A-1 Self Storage in San Juan Capistrano

Jodie: Do you have anyone that you would like to give a shout out to who has been especially helpful during your time with A-1 Self Storage?

Brittany: I would like to give a shout out today to my Manager, Patricia, and my co-worker Sarah (she recently left), today is her first day at her new management position at A-1 Self Storage in La Habra. I want to wish her the best. We worked as a great team and she will be missed. Looking forward to working with Patricia and making Paramount the best place for people to store their items.

Jodie: Tell me about your son. How old is he and what is his name?

Brittany: My son, we call him EJ, short for Enrique.

Jodie: How old is he?

Brittany: He’s 4 -year-old. He’s in Pre-K. I like assisting him with his numbers and the alphabet.

Jodie: What’s the best thing you and Enrique do when you have time off?

Brittany: The best thing about living in LA is there’s never a shortage of things to do. We just went to the Aquarium of the Pacific recently. We always go to the  Paramount Drive-in Movie Theater. I take him to the beach in the summertime. Everything is local. That’s what's nice about this area.

Jodie: Have you always lived in LA?

Brittany: I recently moved to Norwalk. It’s still local and I can still have a fun time with my son. I haven’t lived here for a while, so it has been awesome. I use to live in Banning a long time ago and it’s in the desert.

Jodie: Brittany, thank you so much for your time today. Congrats!

Brittany: Thank you!