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Self Storage Milestone: Happy First Year Anniversary to Polette Villanueva Castaneda!


Here at A-1 Self Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our customers is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with team member Polette Villanueva Castaneda, who is celebrating her first year with A-1 Self-Storage.

You can meet Polette at A-1 Self Storage in Fullerton, California.
Colby: So Polette, what year anniversary are you celebrating? 
Polette: Year one.
Colby: Ok, very cool. Congrats! So tell me, what drew you to A-1 Self Storage when you first applied?
Polette: I wanted to try something different.
Colby: You hadn’t worked in self storage before then?
Polette: No, I used to work at a dealership.
Colby: What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about the industry in your first year?
Polette: I would have to say when customers come in, they really don’t know how much space they need.
Colby: Oh sure, so trying to match people with the right size unit that they need? Not having something that’s too big or too small? That kind of thing?
Polette: Yes.
Colby: Are there any stories that you’ve picked up along the way that you’d like to share in terms of what it’s been like to work there?
Polette: The regular tenants, the ones that have been here a long time, it’s normal for them to come in with their family.
Colby: Sounds like a really friendly, comfortable place. Outside of self storage, tell me a little about yourself. What are some your hobbies?
Polette: I like to draw and I like to hang out with my friends.
Colby: Cool. What medium do you use when you draw?
Polette: Acrylics.
Colby: Do you ever share any of your work with anyone? Do you have a website?
Polette: No, no. It’s not THAT great.
Colby: Haha! Well art is very subjective, so maybe it is!
Polette: Maybe!
Colby: What’s your favorite restaurant in the area?
Polette: Pita Hot is my favorite.
Colby: What would you recommend someone who just moved to the area go check out in their first month or two in town?
Polette: The Packing House. They have food and activities. It’s kind of like a flea market, only it’s indoors.
Colby: Last question, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to that’s helped you along the way your first year?
Polette: Yes, to my manager Melissa and then Brittney Rodriguez has helped a lot too.