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Self Storage Team Anniversary: Rana Jarad Celebrates 1 Year


A-1 Self Storage has a great team of professional storage experts who give our customers the best service in the industry. As they grow personally and professionally, we want to show our appreciation by highlighting their milestones. Join us in celebrating Rana Jarad’s 1st year as part of the A-1 team!

You can find Rana at A-1 Self Storage in San Diego’s Hotel Circle.

Colby:  So you just finished your first year at A-1 Self Storage, what made you decide to start working here?

Rana:  I’m a [Caster] family member, so I knew they were looking to hire at the time and I was looking for a job. When I heard they were looking to hire people as a sales associate, I decided to take a chance and apply. I went through all the processing and tests and I passed.

Colby:  What’s the best thing you’ve learned in the last year?

Rana:  The thing that I learned here is how to satisfy and help customers. I was lucky I got trained by the best trainer: my manager here at the office,  Darlene.  I really enjoy working with her.  We get three weeks of training and I learned everything from her. If anything happens, she would tell me the best way to deal with tenants, how to find the best way to ask them questions. Making them feel good, asking questions in a nice way. Even if it’s asking someone to clean up trash!  I like the way she’s always nice with the tenants and I’m learning this from her.

Colby:  Over the year of working there, do you have a favorite work story that you like to tell people?

Rana:  When we won Best Facility in the district!  I love all the tenants. They like to share stories with us and we listen to them. We got a lot of gifts from tenants at Christmas time. They think about you, they love you.Christmas time really was great. Lots of gifts and it made me feel really special.

Colby:  Great! Stepping away from work for minute, what are your favorite hobbies when you’re not working?

Rana:  I like to play Zumba and I love to listen to music. It helps me relax. I like to clean! Haha!

Colby:  What is your favorite thing to do in town?

Rana:  I love to go to the beach for walks.

Colby:  I live in the Midwest, what’s a beach? Haha!

Rana:  You should come to San Diego! It’s sunny and warm. I love the weather here.

Colby:  What is your favorite restaurant that’s nearby?

Rana:  We have The Habit and Lolitas. The Habit is burgers and Lolitas is Mexican food. Darlene and I love to eat there.

Colby:  Last question, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout out to? I assume Darlene?

Rana:  Yes. I will give my shout out to Darlene. Also Brian Louis, he’s my area manager.