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Self Storage Team Anniversary: Sarah Weeks Celebrates 1 Year of Service


A-1 Self Storage has a great team of professional storage experts who give our customers the best service in the industry. As they grow personally and professionally, we want to show our appreciation by highlighting their milestones. Join us in celebrating Sarah Weeks' 1st year as part of the A-1 team!

You can meet Sarah at A-1 Self Storage in Anaheim, California.

Colby: Hi Sarah, how long have you been with A-1 Self Storage?

Sarah: I have been with them for a year now.

Colby: Okay, so this is year one. You had your anniversary already. I think it was the first week of February, so a late congratulations to you on that!    

Sarah: Thank you!

Colby: How did you decide to work for A-1?

Sarah: I was looking for a new company to work for that would offer better benefits and this just seemed like a perfect fit. They were paying what I was looking for and offering the hours. The first year has really worked out great.

Colby: Well, you are definitely not the first person that mentioned the benefits, so the benefits package must be pretty nice.

Sarah: Yeah. It’s pretty great!

Colby: What's the best thing that you have learned in the last year working at A-1?

Sarah: It teaches you more about patience and time management. A lot of times, you're in here by yourself, so it really throws you in the deep end and makes you realize you have to manage everything correctly and make sure that, even when you are feeling overwhelmed, you're still cool and calm for when the customer comes in. It reinforces all the things that you typically learn in retail, but it’s double the customer service.

Colby: Do you have a favorite story you like to tell when you are talking about work?

Sarah: I don't have a specific story. My time here has been relatively short, so I haven’t created a great wealth of fun stories, but it is always really nice when someone appreciates what you do for them. Sometimes they just come in and are like, “I want to rent it.” and that's it, they’re done. The ones that come in and say. “You know, I really want to thank you.” and they take the time to even mention you in a review or even remember your name the next time they come in. That's always really nice. We see so many people, so when someone actually says, “Oh, yeah. I remember you. You actually helped me out a lot.” and show appreciation. That's always fantastic.

Colby: What are your favorite hobbies when you aren't at the facility?

Sarah: I don't know if I have specific hobbies per say. Right now, I am learning Japanese and I play around with a melodica, which is a musical instrument. But that's about it. Nothing too crazy.

Colby: Very cool, very cool. What is your favorite thing to do in Anaheim?

Sarah: I am actually a Disneyland pass holder. That's probably my favorite thing to do in Anaheim is go to Disneyland.

Colby: I've been there myself, but it’s been a very long time, so I'm sure it’s changed a lot since I was there about 20 years ago.

Sarah: Oh, yeah.

Colby: What is your favorite restaurant up in the city?

Sarah: It is actually probably Trader Sam's it's a little restaurant and tiki bar that they offer at the Disneyland hotel.

Colby: Last question: Would you like to give a shout out to anybody?

Sarah: Definitely my team here at Anaheim who I appreciate working with; and to Thomas who is actually a floater in the company. Also my boyfriend, so I had better include him!

Colby: Well Sarah, thank you so much for your time and congratulations again on your first year here at A-1 Self Storage!