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Moving to Concord, California? Prepare to Experience a Vibrant, Year-Round Music Scene and Genuine Sense of Community

Overlooking the East Bay, and situated only 29 miles northeast of San Francisco, is a refreshing city full of life! Originally developed as a bedroom community, Concord avoids the high crime rate and even higher housing prices of other nearby cities. Concord may be notoriously sleepy at night, don’t let that fool you! We’re going to give you the low down on all that goes on in this sweet corner of Northern California.

History: From Todos Santos to Concord

Concord features amazing views of the Diablo Valley from the majestic Mount Diablo. Before it was developed, this stunning area boasted large oak, pine, and willow trees. Salmon are plentiful in the many small streams that flow through the area and it isn’t unusual to see bear, elk, or deer roaming the countryside.

Originally, home to the Chupcan Indians, Spanish explorers Captain Pedro Fages and Father Juan Crespi landed in the area in 1772. Not long after, in 1776, even more explorers arrived. Salvio Pacheco, a militiaman from Spain who acquired the land through a grant from the Mexican government would give the community its first official name “Todos Santos.”

The city of Concord was incorporated in 1905 and became home to many European immigrants. Today, with a population of 122,067, Concord is regarded as a major suburb in San Francisco’s East Bay. If you desire a slower pace and a hometown feel, consider Concord!

Cost of Living in Concord

How hard does living in the East Bay hit the pocketbook? You might not secure a mansion overlooking the bay (since Concord only has about 30 miles of living space) but thankfully, A-1 Self Storage in Concord is here to help! We have easy-to-access units to help you store all your possessions.

Unemployment is certainly not a problem in Concord. The city is home to the back-offices of Bank of America and Chevron. About 50% of the households in Concord are married folks. However, if you are single, 23% of all households are too. On average, the people who call Concord home are in their mid-thirties. So… is it a match made in heaven or what?

Let’s crunch the numbers. The median income for singles is $55,597 per year. With that in mind, the redeveloped downtown featuring luxury condominiums and apartments to rent or own may be your new stomping grounds! Housing in this ever-popular downtown features immediate access to the Bay Area Rapid Transit or BART for short. Families with children bring in roughly $63,000 per year and attempt to escape the high housing rates of San Francisco by settling in the area’s older residential spots. Homes dating back to WWII can be found Northeast of downtown. The 60's and 70's gave the city great housing options in the Southeastern quadrant. There you will find a lively Latino neighborhood called Four Corners. About 58% of people in Concord own their homes and the median asking price is more than $500,000. Don’t fret over spack, A-1 Self Storage in Concord can make sure you have all the additional storage you need if you find yourself in a beautiful, yet small, apartment or condo.

Transportation: Walking, Rideshare, and BART

The heart of Concord is not immersed in highways, but you can easily access them by way of Concord Blvd, making a daily commute 22 miles North to Oakland possible. Concord Blvd. is the main thoroughfare running through the middle of town and connects nicely to Interstate 242 and Interstate 680 taking you up and down the California coast.

If you’re familiar with San Francisco, then you’ve likely heard of BART. Residents of Concord can hop on one of the beautiful rail cars for a short ride to work in San Francisco. Cue the sound of busy trolley cars! Common knowledge here is if you can utilize Uber and Lyft, there is no need to have a car! Work in San Francisco by day, and get around in Concord easily by night.


Nature is bursting at the seams in Diablo Foothills Regional Park and it makes for an excellent weekday escape or weekend hiking adventure! “There are many open spaces and hiking spots. I have a customer here who goes hiking all the time,” Sabrina, Manager at A-1 Self Storage in Concord, said “He’ll go for a couple days at a time to hike and camp and he’ll come back and tell me how it went. If you’re looking for a slow pace, this a great place for you.”

Now, if boating suits you better, pull right into Port Chicago just North of Concord. This particular port sits in between the city and two small islands called Roe and Ryer Islands. “It’s not exactly ‘country’ but it’s very down to earth and not fast-paced. It’s a great place to raise kids,” said Shannon, Manager at A-1 Self  Storage in Concord.

Shopping and entertainment can be found Downtown in Todos Santos Plaza (which is an entire city block). Things are a’ happening here with free concerts throughout the Summer and a lively Farmer’s Market Tuesdays and Thursdays. Todos Santos Plaza is a go-to for residents and tourists alike. Concord’s own city blog will give you so many reasons to settle here it’s unreal!

Ready to grab a brewski after a busy day? Original craft beer and cocktails at Eureka! have rave reviews and The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar will meet your vegetarian and vegan needs. Now, if BBQ is more your jam, check out Kinder’s where generations of pit masters have brought Texas BBQ to the California coast! Hop the BART and you’ll soon be in hip Berkeley where there is a booming nightlife. Need some family fun with the kids? Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord is the perfect spot to cool down on those hot Summer days!

Relocating to Concord

At A-1 Self Storage, it is our pleasure to provide cost-effective self storage solutions for everyone! Nearly 40% of homes have two bedrooms or less, so we understand space can be a real issue. No worries! If you need boxes and a truck, look no further than A-1 Self Storage in Concord. If you’re ready to take the plunge and move to Concord, get started renting today!

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