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Moving to Cypress

Here’s a challenge. Try and find a photo of Cypress, California where the sun isn’t shining. It’s a feat for sure! This long-treasured spot in the OC is only 6 miles long and features some of the best living in Southern California. In fact, once here, many never leave! So let’s cruise on down Orange Avenue from South West Anaheim and see where we end up.

Dairyland History

Similar to many areas of Southern California, Dairy was a booming industry back in the days of milk deliveries and black and white photos. “Dairy City” is what this area was called in 1956 as farmers white-knuckled their land as long as they could. The 60s and 70s ushered in developers with offers local farmers couldn’t refuse. Many of these operations moved outward to other nearby cities until the land became too valuable there as well. With property values rising the name “Dairy City” wasn’t destined to last long.

Soon, trees planted by the farmers for protection from the Santa Ana winds would help give the city its permanent name: Cypress. Located along 13 miles adjacent to Long Beach, Cypress takes pride in its lush landscape. Earlier this year, the City Council passed a measure and hired a designer to re-configure the vegetation in the medians. Water shortages in California were causing grasses to die, so the city started the Valley View Median Restoration Project, set to be completed by the end of December 2018. Cypress cares about their spot on the map as one of America’s most beautiful communities and it shows.

Cost of Living

It’s a surprise to some that statewide, just 20% of Californians own their own homes. Price tags definitely play a big factor. The average US home costs just over $240,000. Double that and you can start to think about living in paradise (Cypress). High demand keeps housing prices going up, but if you are determined to make year-round summer your full-time climate, know you have options! In fact, think of it this way, you know you have a convenient storage solution in A-1 Self Storage of Cypress.

With plenty of highly-rated public elementary schools, a family with a median income in the $85,000 range could rent for around $1600/month. Keep in mind that is the price of a one bedroom, older units in a 12 unit block. If you’re looking for tennis courts, a gym, and a community center? You may pay more like $1800/month. Residents are paid well on average due to the opportunity to work for some big corporations. The American Headquarters of Mitsubishi Motors, Siemens, and UnitedHealthCare all call Cypress home. Employees of these corporations (especially upper management) are likely the reason why the cost of living is 85% higher in Cypress than the rest of the nation. Keep in mind, you are paying a premium to live in a city with a Midwestern feel that’s beautifully well-kept, close to the ocean, and with no tourists to speak of.


Are you an avid cyclist? Sign up with TrailLink and hit the Coyote Creek Bikeway. Its 12 miles of concrete and asphalt will take you right into Long Beach. If you ride all the way back and feel like a craft cocktail, you can mosey on into the locally-known dive bar “Jeanie’s Dirty Martini.”

Cypress has that small town feel with all kinds of activities for the kiddos, too. Including a Skate Park Night for teens and Parents Night Out for you! In July, The Cypress Community Festival celebrates nearly 40 years of tradition in a one-day festival at Oak Knoll Park! If weekly jammin is more your thing, check out the Green Free Summer Concert Series at the Cypress Civic Center! Each week they feature a different genre of music. From jazz to rock and the oldies, Summer has something for everyone. Steve, the Site Manager for A-1 Storage Cypress, says it’s a nice, safe area, “I have lived around here for about 30 years now. People that live around here like to stay long-term.”

Cypress is free of distractions which makes going to school much easier than in some of California’s larger cities. Conveniently located in Cypress, California Community College offers Programs ranging from Accounting to Marketing and Criminal Justice. This is considered one of the best community colleges in the state.


Living 29.9 miles from LAX makes flying out easy, but remember to schedule in traffic. Many rides that should take 40 minutes may take you twice that or longer on a busy Friday afternoon. Cypress is located just North of the 405, and the 605 will take you right into LA. If you’d like to check out Long Beach, it’s about 13 miles away. An easy jaunt! To make things even better, the beach is just 30 minutes from A-1 Self Storage in Cypress.

Time to Move?

It’s clear Cypress is a great option for just about anyone. Don’t let the premium housing costs keep you from enjoying the California sun. Make the most of your space with A-1 Self Storage. We provide the very best customer service with extended access hours for your convenience. Stop by our facility and talk to a manager to start renting today

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