Your Next Home: Fullerton, California

California is the mecca for dreamers. Youtube sensations, movie stars, and musicians alike all call California home, and after diving into the city of Fullerton, you too may find it to be your dream place to live!  South of the heart of Los Angeles, east of Long Beach and north of Anaheim, living in Fullerton means you’ll find yourself within the middle of the California magic. Not only does the city boast entertainment, but carries with it a culture rich in history and is known for its emphasis on education.

Higher Education

California State University-Fullerton is located just off the 57 and chisels out its own little slice of paradise. Included in all the amenities you’d expect on a college campus is a frequently-used bike trail which also merges with the Fullerton Loop MTB & Hiking Trail along State College Boulevard. With enrollment upwards of 40,000 students, this mini California city has everything a student could ever want without leaving campus. Other options for education in this city exist as well. Fullerton College hosts more than 24,000 students on their campus, which is just a short three blocks away from CSU-Fullerton. Western State College of Law and Marshall B. Ketchum University are two other schools drawing students to Fullerton. This is a cradle to grave city that appeals to a lot of millennials and retirees alike.

When the time does come to venture out and explore greater Fullerton, you will find it is full of things to do. Ranked one of US News & World Report’s Best Places to Live in 2018, Fullerton comes in at 94 out of the top 125 metropolitan cities named. That in itself can close the door on any of the concerns you might have. Fullerton has it all. Let’s journey around town and delve into the history and livability of this city!  

History of Fullerton

Clearly one of the greatest legacies of the land is the variety of successful ventures birthed in this city. The one-time home to prehistoric saber-toothed cats and mammoths, the late 1800s and early 1900s brought Fullerton notoriety for outranking any other city in the US for its number of orange groves! The year 1920 was the pinnacle for petroleum extraction in Fullerton, As a food processing industrial center, Fullerton was well known for its’ development of these systems. ConAgra Brands, Inc. can trace a portion of its history back to Fullerton.

Even more surprising, did you know the first Hawaiian Punch recipe was developed in a converted garage here? It’s true! Also, rock-in-roll wouldn’t be the same without the Fender electric guitar which was developed and refined here in Fullerton in 1949. If that rich history doesn’t inspire you for dreams of gold-rush success, I don’t know what would!

Cost of Living in Fullerton

It might feel like a pipe dream at this point to settle in such an innovative city, however, that’s what’s so intriguing about Fullerton! You can move and flourish in this Southern California paradise. As a suburb of Los Angeles, the city’s population was last measured at nearly 140,000 people. The upcoming US Census will have a much more accurate number.

Well known as one of the best places to reside in Orange County, transplants have great options when it comes to finding employment and great schools. The school system in this city is highly rated with local Troy High School being well known for its award-winning Troy Tech Magnet Program. Here students can learn everything from cyber defense to government leadership. Many times schools in a community will want to send graduates out to change the world. Here in Fullerton, one of the goals of the leaders at CSU-Fullerton is to help Orange County flourish.

Being so close to Los Angeles, you wouldn’t think crime rates would be half of what other cities its size encounter in California, but this makes finding a career and raising a family here desirable. The largest employers in Orange County include The Walt Disney Company with 29,000 employees, St. Joseph Health and California State University-Fullerton. Record unemployment rates in recent years have increased pride in Southern California.

Finding a neighborhood to live in can always seem daunting, if only we could rent the house of our dreams for a few months before buying! Unfortunately, that’s not always an option. The average price of a home in Fullerton is more than $500,000 and median incomes report in at $71,000 a year. To begin your career here, an apartment or condominium may be your best bet! Apartment Finder is a great resource if you’re trying to determine vacancies. You’ll notice downtown isn’t the easiest place to find a landing spot. That’s because the city is similar to other California towns and heavily populated for the space available. Rentals can be found for $1600-$1800 in a townhome within walking distance of many amenities.


The Metrolink is super handy for those working in LA. Trains will board from a beautiful brick walkway in front of Fullerton Train Station. The Track One platform will get you to Union Station in LA in 40 short minutes. If you need to get to Oceanside you can board from Track Three.

Living in downtown definitely has its advantages. You can walk nearly anywhere to grab a bite to eat. is a handy resource for parking maps. Driving LA traffic can be a headache, but Fullerton is fortunate to be situated just East of the 5, not causing the highway to separate the city.  

Eating, Shopping, and Entertainment

Downtown Fullerton has an urban feel with celebrated restaurants and many bars and shops, earning Commonwealth Avenue the name Bourbon Street West. This area transformed more than 20 years ago and the investment has improved the look and feel of the neighborhood. Now considered a vibrant bar-hop district, one restaurant contributing to its success is Wreckless. A pub steakhouse, this was named a Top 10 Restaurant in Orange County in 2018. Being just miles from Downtown Disney and Disneyland makes finding things for the kids to enjoy pretty easy, but this area is also known for its Totally 80’s Bar and Grill and for its improv scene if you need an idea for date night.

There is no shortage of cute boutiques to choose from on Commonwealth, including Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. According to Yelp reviews, unique designs keep people coming back for more. Also ranked in the top ten boutiques on Yelp include Stitch & Feather, Share & Do Good, and The Brick Basement. The artistry displayed in the fashion of Fullerton is unique. 

Museums available for a Saturday outing include Fullerton Museum and Muckenthaler Cultural Center. The new owner of the historic Fox Fullerton Theater anticipates its opening within the next year. With the weather being at the top of the list for why people enjoy California so much, cycling is popular with residents and they get to enjoy the Fullerton Loop year round! It’s great for families. Laguna Lake, Knotts Berry Farm, Orange County beaches, and Craig Park are also high points to discover!

Let’s Do This

Moving is the hard part, but with Fullerton, California on your GPS, get excited! If you need help with storing your personal belongings during the transition, or even if you decide on an apartment you can afford-but doesn’t quite fit all your stuff, we can help! Right on Commonwealth Avenue, A1 Self Storage in Fullerton is where you’ll find your storage experts. Come by and check out our more than 1,000 clean, well-lit, ready self storage units!

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