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If you’re looking for a quieter part of Los Angeles to call your own, but still be within reach of a thriving nightlife, then North Hollywood is the neighborhood for you! Tucked into the southeast corner of the San Fernando Valley, just west of Burbank and north of Universal City, North Hollywood (or NoHo) is a history-filled residential area in Los Angeles, California. Originally a farming community before California joined the United States of America, North Hollywood was known as Lankershim - hence Lankershim Boulevard running through the heart of the neighborhood. Shortly after being annexed into Los Angeles proper, Lankershim was renamed North Hollywood to hitch a ride on the quickly-rising coattails of Hollywood. This strategy worked, and North Hollywood was quickly developed into dense residential neighborhoods perfect for residents wanting to find some peace in one of the largest cities in the world. The NoHo Arts District was recently developed in the southern part of the neighborhood. This new and hip area has caused an explosion of re-development, giving NoHo a unique mix of old-school bungalow neighborhoods and modern high-rise condos. This, combined with residents having a median age of 30, the close proximity of Universal Studios, and ease of access to the rest of the city, has turned NoHo into one of the most “happening” neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Cost of Living in North Hollywood

While A-1 Self Storage is proud to provide self storage solutions for the residents of NoHo, home prices and rental prices are on average 94% higher than the rest of the United States. When you throw in the rest of the factors involved in daily life, North Hollywood comes in at 36% more expensive than the average across the country. However, to put that into context, Los Angeles as a whole is 46% more expensive than average, and California in its entirety is 38% more expensive. If you’re looking for somewhere that edges closer to affordable in LA, North Hollywood should come in near the top of your list!

The difference in cost of living between North Hollywood and the rest of LA also tells the same story for other aspects of the neighborhood. Median household income for a family of 4 is $48,628, and the median home value is $649,100. Compared to the rest of the country, those are good numbers. But, LA’s median household income is $51,538 - and California, as a whole, has a median household income of $63,783. Home values throughout LA proper are nearly 25% higher than NoHo, at $496,300, making it significantly easier to buy a house of your own, even with the slightly lower median income in the area. The home prices won’t stay that way for long though. Year-over-year, homes in North Hollywood are appreciating at a rate 33% higher than Los Angeles on the whole. Don’t wait too long to get onto the NoHo housing ladder or you’ll be left in the dirt!


When the time comes to get around, residents of North Hollywood are in a great spot. The Hollywood - Burbank Airport, more commonly known as Bob Hope Airport, is nestled between North Hollywood and Burbank. Besides making it much easier to actually leave the city through the air, the close proximity of the airport also brings with it excellent transportation options for those staying closer to home. There are multiple Metrolink stops, including one actually at the airport, and Amtrak stops at the south end of the airport as part of the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner.

North Hollywood is also serviced by the Metro Red Line, which ends at the North Hollywood Station located at Chandler Blvd and Lankershim Blvd and goes south to Downtown Los Angeles. Additionally, the Metro Orange Line terminates at the same station but sends travelers west into the San Fernando Valley.


With the exception of the aforementioned NoHo Arts District, most of North Hollywood is made up of sleepy residential neighborhoods. That, however, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do around the neighborhood! The Valley Plaza Sports Complex is a popular park with fields for baseball and soccer, perfect for staying in shape and keeping the kids happy. Just south of Bob Hope Airport is the Burbank Aviation Museum which, while not technically part of North Hollywood, is like walking into a completely different world. You can see everything from early airplanes and artifacts to the mighty SR-71 Blackbird — the fastest plane ever built!

When it's time to refuel with some food, there are several notable restaurants around NoHo that we’d be remiss to leave out. Salsa & Beer, at the corner Sherman and Lankershim Blvd, is a no-nonsense family restaurant that delivers traditional and modern Mexican food. Fatburger, at Sherman Way and Vineland, is a minimalist burger restaurant that is also known for their delicious chicken wings.

Time to Move

Are you excited to move into one of the hippest, modern, and fun neighborhoods in Los Angeles? With all the great transportation options throughout the city, it might seem like moving will be a breeze. At A-1 Self Storage, we know that’s rarely the case. Whether you’re renovating your new home, or your things just don’t fit as well as you hoped, self storage provides a solution that easily scales to the size of your problem. We provide self storage solutions to many problems, and moving just happens to be the most common! Our friendly and well-trained facility managers are prepared to help you through this major change in your life by providing a truly premium self storage experience.

Moving isn’t just a logistics problem, either. A-1 Self Storage on Vanowen is an impeccably clean and convenient self storage facility. We have some drive-up 24-hour access storage units if accessibility is key to you, but the majority of our facility is either behind our steel and digitally coded gate, or inside the 3-story building. In addition, we sell a whole range of storing and moving supplies in our office to help you keep your valuables organized, clean, and in mint condition. What are you waiting for? Stop by the facility, meet the manager, and get started renting today!

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