Moving to North Hollywood – Vineland

North Hollywood can be found in the southeast region of the San Fernando Valley, west of Burbank. The city is much quieter than Downtown Los Angeles and attracts those looking to be near the city while maintaining a quieter lifestyle. While North Hollywood sits on the outskirts of Los Angeles County it remains subject to tourism. It has become best known for the Hollywood Sign and a hotspot for those seeking to spot a celebrity. Many don’t know it has so much more to offer. In fact, the land was originally farmland attracting settlers, not tourists, which set the scene for a city built around significant historical landmarks.

The, now city’s, roots were first laid by farmers prior to California becoming part of the United States. A group of investors purchased the land for their own farming and milling purposes and named after their lead investor Isaac Lankershim. The name is now well-known by residents because Lankershim Boulevard is the main street running through the middle of the city.

Today, the land is anything but farmland. Dense residential neighborhoods, the NoHo Arts district, strip malls, and shopping centers, and a thriving nightlife are the result of efforts to attract people to a small farming town once known as Lankershim. The town’s efforts were wildly successful as they have now created one of the chicest places to live near Los Angeles.

Attractions and Things to Do in North Hollywood

Residents are attracted to the area because of its relatively quiet nature in comparisons to the rest of San Fernando Valley there is still plenty to do in NoHo, as the residents call it. The NoHo Arts District is one of the most popular attractions in North Hollywood. Theatres, galleries, and shops have built up a community over the years and are the epitome of inspiration found within a city. The El Portal Theatre, The Federal, a bar built in a bank from the 1920s, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences all support the artist community and serve as some of the biggest inspiration in the area. As far as dining goes there is something for everyone from vegan dishes to pizzas and pancakes. The options are endless. Walking the street filled restaurants in the NoHo Arts District without working up an appetite is nearly impossible.

You can get your exercise in and work off anything you may indulge in at the NoHo Arts district at the Valley Plaza Sports Complex. Here you will find many sports playing fields including basketball courts, baseball diamonds, football fields and more. Think again if you think your past your sports playing years, they have adult teams too! What better way to kick out the start of your new home than finding a team of people to play sports with near you?

Cost of Living

Of course, North Hollywood is inspirational, and comes with the perk of being within driving distance of the city, without getting stuck in the city traffic and congested lifestyle, but is it reasonable for your budget? Let’s take a look!

The good news is not only is North Hollywood less congested than the city its cost of living is also lower than that of the Los Angeles average and California average according to Area Vibes. The median household income is $48,628, but the housing prices are very favorable. The median home price is $799,000. If you prefer to rent and save while you save for your dream home you can expect your rent to be around $1,259 a month, allowing you the ability to save more. The area is filled with grocery stores, restaurants, and cafés, and shopping so you can expect to save on transportation as many of these amenities are in walkable areas.

The school system has become a focal point for the city as families have taken a liking to the quiet city life and should be taken into consideration when researching North Hollywood should you have kids or want kids in the future. The High School graduation is 70%. Out of a total of 7 high schools, the top high schools are North Hollywood Stem Magnet and North Hollywood Senior High School as rated by Great You can’t go wrong with any middle or elementary school you chose as they are all very highly ranked and with 37 options you’ll surely find one that fits in with your community and expectations!


When the time comes to get around, residents of North Hollywood are in a great spot. The Hollywood - Burbank Airport, more commonly known as Bob Hope Airport is less than a 10 min drive from the heart of North Hollywood. Besides making it much easier to actually leave the city through the air, the close proximity of the airport also brings with it excellent transportation options for those staying closer to home. There are multiple Metrolink stops, including one actually at the airport, and Amtrak stops at the south end of the airport as part of the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner.

North Hollywood is also serviced by the Metro Red Line, which ends at the North Hollywood Station located at Chandler Blvd and Lankershim Blvd and goes south to Downtown Los Angeles. Additionally, the Metro Orange Line terminates at the same station, but sends travelers west into the San Fernando Valley.


The NoHo Arts District not only offers delicious food and entertainment, but it also has many house options to the tune of the arts. Lofts at NoHo are the perfect representation of the area. Original white walls were brought to life by colorful cartoon paintings across the entire facility. Rent for these artistic style lofts starts at $2,150 a month for a 580 square foot loft, but it may be worth it if you can look out the window to find your inspiration every day!

Laurel Grove is a bundle of family-style homes compressed into cul-de-sacs. Here you will get the true style of living in California with long driveways and modernized kitchens and living rooms. According to Nextdoor, residents in this neck of the woods hang out at Jinky’s Studio Café, frequent the nearby Trader Joe’s, and have a sweet tooth for Salt and Straw. Should you choose to move to Laurel Grove you can meet your neighbors at the local Studio City Farmer’s Market.

Our favorite suggestion is the North Hollywood Vineland neighborhood where we will be your neighbors! Getting to a storage unit, should you find the need for one, couldn’t be made easier. In this area, you can find the perfect size for you any rent a small apartment, large condo, or even purchase a home. Residents on Nextdoor favor this neighborhood for its freeway access, parks, and pet- and family-friendly nature. They spend their free time hiking, grilling, and working on DIY home improvement projects. If this sounds like you, we may have found your new destination!

Time to Move

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