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Moving Kearny Mesa, CA

If you’re scouting out different locations to call home in Southern California and the idea of living in a diverse town excites you, check out the sunny city of Kearny Mesa, California! This town can offer you everything from unique Pan-Asian cuisine to cutting-edge automobile technology.

The History of Kearny Mesa, CA

The plot of land that would eventually be known as the city of Kearny Mesa began as Camp Kearny in 1917. Named in honor of Brigadier General Stephen W. Kearny, the city was first an Army base, then a US Navy base, and today is home to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Miramar? I thought we were in Kearny Mesa? To clear things up, the base is North of the 52 Highway, which is considered Miramar today. These areas of San Diego run conveniently together and the Kearny name stuck for the area south of the 52.

The town blossomed around what was now known as Gibbs Field in 1937. It was named for Bill Gibbs, founder of one of the most respected aviation businesses in the country: Gibbs Flying Service. In 1948, the City of San Diego acquired Gibbs Field and the surrounding property with the intention of making it the site of the new San Diego International Airport. That was the beginning of Kearny Mesa’s own Industrial Revolution. Sadly, due to airspace conflicts with the MCAS Miramar, the land was not developed for the purpose of a new airport. The land instead became Montgomery Field, a municipal airport named for pioneer glider pilot John Montgomery.

In honor of both men, The Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport was constructed to service small planes. The remainder of the 1400 acres was used for an industrial park. This historic land brought a number of aerospace technology companies, including General Dynamics, to Kearny Mesa. The city was a global giant in the business aviation and defense industries and made missiles for the military until 1992.

The land once used by General Dynamics is now called the Spectrum District and is the site of aerospace pioneer Northrop Grumman’s corporate headquarters.

Location and Cost of Living

Kearny Mesa is located in a unique part of the Pacific Triangle and is boarded on all sides by San Diego’s major freeways, including the 52, the 805, and the 15. As if that wasn’t enough highway access, the 163 also splits the city down the center.

An estimated 95,000 people work in Kearny Mesa, Clairemont, and Central (often referred to as San Diego City). Just a fraction, last estimated at 3,664 people, live within the Kearny Mesa city limits.

The Kearny Mesa Planning Group is working to make commuting easier for non-residents and increase the number of affordable housing units in the area. The majority of those who work in Kearny Mesa drive in daily from outside the city. Cornerstones of this project include futuristic transportation systems, creative housing developments, and revitalizing the Convoy Street District. Environmentally conscious, the planning group sees these projects as a way to cut down on smog, attract businesses, and make Kearny Mesa more livable. 

Kearny Mesa is considered a bedroom community and this is a great time to buy or lease. There are many apartment buildings and condos springing up in the area, making this neighborhood a blank canvas! Check out Ariva Luxury Apartments for availability in the Spectrum District. A  one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit there is $1900-$2359 depending on the layout. The average salary of a resident of Kearny Mesa is $39,366 well above the national average. The median cost for a home is $591,300.

The cost of living here is favorable due to developers attempting to attract new people to the city. The Convoy District, located on the west side of the 163, employs hundreds of people mostly in the food service and hospitality industries. Speaking of...

Restaurants and Entertainment

Palm-tree-lined Convoy Street is known as a mecca for Pan-Asian cuisine and features more than 100 Asian restaurants. This part of San Diego is widely known for its Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korea, Thai, and Vietnamese food. The San Diego Night Market, which began in 2013, drew 20,000 visitors to Convoy Street in a single night causing many city developers to question what the future could hold for the city.

Kearny Mesa is a culinary scene on the rise. Restaurants are generally open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and second generation Asian Americans are developing this part of Kearny Mesa into a must-visit for foodies.

Craft beer pub Common Theory is a place to go! Located just off Ronson Road, you’ll dive into duck fat fries while sipping one of the more than 30 beers on tap. Others must-visits include Emerald Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Jasmine Chinese, Koon Thai House, and Mignon + Pho Seafood. These are spectacular spots to savor the flavors of East Asia.

Are off-the-wall sports your kind of thing? Go-karts, a rock climbing wall, mini golf, bumper boats, and fair rides can be found on Clairemont Mesa Blvd at Boomers San Diego!

La Jolla Village Park, Centrum Park, and Lindberg Park are all within a few miles of one another and offer green spaces for residents to enjoy. Prefer to explore? Torrey Pines State Reserve, Seaport Village, and Balboa Park are all San Diego favorites! 

Are You Ready to Move to Kearny Mesa?

More often than not, we read about places like Kearny Mesa but never take the bull by the horns and move! We hope you’ll consider this close-knit community. It’s not far from San Diego and is full of opportunity. Entrepreneurs have blossomed here for nearly 100 years, and you could too!

Let the team at A-1 Self Storage in Kearny Mesa make your next move flawless! From moving and packing supplies to step-by-step guidance for new renters, we are ready to assist you. Learn more about our offerings and find the storage unit that’s right for you today!

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