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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting a Self Storage Unit

A-1 Self Storage | July 19, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Ahh, the stress of moving. It is one of those stressors that we all experience all at some point in our life. Much of the stress of moving lies in the anticipation of laborious long days ahead and thoughts of what could go wrong. We are dedicated to taking away as much stress in the moving processes possible. To help relieve some of the stress of the anticipation before the move we have compiled a few of the biggest mistakes we see so you can feel prepared and get a good night’s rest before the big moving day.

1.    Forgetting to Plan Ahead

It is very common to be in a hurry and power pack everything going into a self-storage unit. All is well until it is time to unpack or retrieve items and your unit is difficult to walk through or your items are damaged. Trust us! Take a few minutes to plan your packing. Store heavier items in the back of your unit and always leave a pathway to easily reach your boxes from front to back. You will be thankful when you need to get your items later and it will make moving out a breeze!

2.   Not Labeling Your Boxes

There is nothing more time consuming then showing up to your unit after moving in and having to search through every box before finding what you came for. Make your life easier and label all your boxes by content. This way if you ever need to retrieve something it is quick and easy.

3.   Using Newspaper Instead of Bubble Wrap

Newspaper seems like an easy way to protect your belongings; however, the ink can bleed over time and ruin your items. Pack your delicate items with bubble wrap for better cushioning over a long-term storage period. For your convenience, we have bubble wrap available for purchase on-site.

Bonus tip: Wrap your belongings with the bubble wrap facing inward. The friction from the bubbles will hold the item in place and the outside of the bubble wrap is created to protect against any outside forces.

4.    Packing Items before they are completely dry

Moisture is your worst enemy when using a self-storage unit. You can clean appliances and large objects prior to storage, but be sure to let them dry completely to avoid any dampness or moisture. Use a dry towel to dust off your items. If you are storing appliances, such as a refrigerator or washer let them dry outside with the door open before storing. When in storage use a piece of plywood to prop doors open and keep them dry. No one wants to return to a unit filled with their moldy belongings because one item wasn’t completely dry!

5.   Storing your belongings on the floor

Another way to attract moisture is to store your items directly on concrete. For your benefit, use a wood pallet to stack your items on top of and keep them a few inches away from the walls.

The key to moving is to be prepared! Start by making a list of everything you will be storing. Take note on any items you may need frequent access to and make sure you can store them where they are readily available. Once you have your list you can plan ahead to be sure you’re not making any one of these common mistakes before it’s too late. If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly storage experts are always more than happy to help!

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