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5 Tips for Keeping your Cabinets Organized

A-1 Self Storage | January 9, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

What better time to start organizing than when your social media feed is taken over by New Year's resolution tips and tricks? Cabinets are often neglected. Its one of those things that feels great to have organized, but can slip your mind until you pull out a dusty dish or can't find the lid to your leftovers container. Here are some tips to help you get your cabinets organized and keep them that way we are sharing some helpful tips. 

1. Use dividers to separate lids from containers. You'll never be late again after to adopt this game-changing tip. If you have different sizes or shapes use multiple dividers and sort by lid and container shape.  

2. Add Shelf Risers. If you struggle to lift up heavy, breakable dishes or have to pull out five small glass baking pans to get to your favorite one, you'll wish you'd invested in shelf risers sooner.

3. Keep Spices on a Lazy Susan. Make the mistake of using Cayenne pepper over Paprika once, and you and your family will be grateful for a Lazy Susan, so you can read a spice's label before you use it!

4. Utensil Organizers are not just for forks and knives. You can use them to organize things like measuring cups, cooking utensils, and other kitchen gadgets!

5. Purge. Get rid of or donate any utensils, Tupperware, or kitchen gadgets you don't use. It's easy to collect gadgets you think you need at the time and Tupperware when you think you lost a lid, but now that you have the tools to keep your kitchen organized get rid of old Tupperware and other items in your kitchen that you do not use to clean up your space.

With a few handy items to help you get organized, keeping your kitchen cabinets fresh and orderly will be a breeze!

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