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A-1 Self Storage Commercial Client Spotlight: All States Office City

A-1 Self Storage | December 12, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

When it comes to retail, your inventory is your business, and having a secure place to store it before hitting the shelves or shipping out to customers is critical. That’s why Fred Mardirossian, owner of All States Office City, has chosen A-1 Self Storage in Glendale, California to store his inventory for the last eight years. 

“I’ve always had the same units. I have two units, and both are drive-up units. They’re 10’ x 30’ and they’re side-by-side,” Fred said. “I keep the stuff that I sell in those units, so in this case office supplies. We receive deliveries at our storage unit.”

The option to accept deliveries was one of the main reasons Fred decided to become an A-1 Self Storage customer. By providing the regular delivery companies with access to his unit, Fred ensures shipments will reach him directly and with little hassle. 

“We come in the next morning and the product is already there. It is ready for delivery to our customers!” Fred said. “Having a drive-up unit is helpful, because we have a lot of heavy items. Whether it’s cases of paper, or furniture that is delivered to us, it’s very easy for the delivery company to get items into the unit, and for us to put things into our van.” 

Another reason Fred decided to trust A-1 Self Storage with his business is due to the quality security features. 

“The area has a gate, and security cameras, and it is very important for me that we have that. If there is an issue, they can go back to the video and see what transpired. We’ve never had to do it,” Fred said. “But, we can see when we go to the office and look it up if we got anything for UPS or FedEx. It’s very helpful to have the camera system that they do.”

On top of providing great security, Fred also mentioned that the convenient access hours, and top-notch customer service made partnering with A-1 Self Storage an easy choice. 

“It’s very easy to get a hold of the managers in the office. Communication is always very good,” Fred said. 

When it comes to helping companies operate efficiently, self storage proves to be one of the best options. If you have inventory for your retail business that needs to be delivered and stored securely, consider following in the footsteps of Fred and his company, All States Office City by storing your inventory with A-1 Self Storage!

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