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A-1 Self Storage Commercial Client Spotlight: Crown Vending

A-1 Self Storage | September 26, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

It happens all the time: people want to start their own business but they dread the idea of making their home their place of business, especially if they are already short on space. Such was the case with Tony of Crown Vending.

Tony said he runs the gamut when it comes to vending machines. From purchasing them, to providing the machines with his own merchandise, then eventually returning machines. When Tony decided he wanted to start the company 11 years ago, he never considered running it from his home.

“I needed space, I didn’t have enough space. I didn’t want to work out of my home, so I started my business with self storage right away,” He said. “People don’t want a neighbor who’s just working out of their garage all the time, and you gotta respect your neighbors.”

With that, Tony decided to become a customer with A-1 Self Storage in Anaheim 11 years ago, slowly renting larger and larger units as his business began to grow. He now rents a 10’ x 25’ unit and a 10’ x 30’ unit where he is able to store all of his vending machines.

While all of our facilities are brimming with premium amenities, Tony said that having a proactive staff that keeps everything spotless and looking nice is important to him.

“It might be a little pricier than others, I haven’t checked, but it’s worth it, because if you pay a little more you’re gonna get better people here. I’ve never had any problems there. It’s spacious. and it’s clean. The crew and manager is always cleaning and painting, making the place look great,” he said.

The spaciousness of the facility and the units along with the cleanliness may be the reasons that Tony thinks of first when asked why he continues to stay with A-1 Self Storage. However, the second reason he sticks around is a good one.

“It’s safe. I’ve never had any problems there as far as crime, or anyone breaking into my storage unit,” he said.

Within the last few years the facility has added more and brighter lights to the premises to compliment existing features including 24-hour security cameras, unit door alarms, and a code protected electronic gate. With all these measures in place, Tony knows intruders are less likely to mess with this facility.

“Criminals are lazy and they want the path of least resistance,” he said. “When they see the well lit premises and cameras with their blinking lights they think, ‘Nah lets try somewhere else’. And if someone does break into your storage unit, lifting the door without entering your code, the alarm triggers and sounds, hopefully scaring them off and the police will show up.”

If there is one thing that A-1 Self Storage facilities are known for beyond their clean halls, top-notch security features, and roomy units, it’s their outstanding staff. Tony said that he loves his manager and all of the staff at the Anaheim facility.

“Whenever I need something they are responsive, and they take care of what I need. One time I showed them that my roll-up door had been worn out. They followed up the next morning with an email letting me know that a company was going to come out and replace it. They took care of it in a couple of days. It was great.” he said.

Being there for our customers and providing swift assistance is part of what makes our customer service shine. If you’re a business and you expect above and beyond customers service and amenities from your self storage facility of choice, choose A-1 Self Storage and start renting today!

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