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A-1 Self Storage Commercial Client Spotlight: Doug’s Bug Company

A-1 Self Storage | November 30, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Do you have a bug problem? Then look no further than San Diego’s premier commercial and residential pest control company, Doug’s Bug Company. Owner Doug Duffer keeps everything he needs to successfully run his business at A-1 Self Storage on Hotel Circle South in San Diego, California. If you have (thankfully) never had to worry about exterminating pests at your home or office, you may be surprised to learn that a lot more goes into pest control than spraying chemicals.

“We’ll do repair work, or we do heat treatments where we heat up buildings, houses and apartments to 140 degrees. We have heaters, fans, and some basic tools that we use for subterranean termite treatments that we keep in self storage,” Doug said. 

Needing to keep these tools in a convenient, secure place led Doug to A-1 Self Storage. However, six years ago Doug decided to move his business to a different self storage company. 

“It was cheaper and it was a little bit closer to me. I ended up coming back to A-1 three years ago though, because the facilities were just cleaner, and always easy to roll in and out of,” Doug said. “Clean and safe was a big issue for me with work equipment, and things like that. The place I was at before had homeless people living in there, doing drugs, and it wasn’t worth saving an extra 50 bucks.” 

Safety is always a top priority for our professional self storage managers. For that reason, we like to rely on a combination of quality security features along with a caring and aware team

“Everything is code protected, and I’ve never had any issues with theft here. It’s also nice to have a little bit of peace of mind knowing there are security cameras,” Doug said. “The managers are always walking around, and there are multiple cameras. The building is nice, because if someone wanted to break in and steal something it would be obvious. It has a nice layout.”

We understand how important it is to keep our customers’ belongings safe, especially when those items are essential for doing business. It is our mission to always provide top-notch customer service. 

“I’m kind of picky with where my units are located. Darlene helped me pick the right unit for my situation,” Doug said. “We aren’t on the first floor, because I wanted it to be secure. The building is generally locked up. Darlene, and the rest of the team, has been really great.”

The hospital-sized elevators and hand carts available throughout the facility make transporting items between floors a simple task.

“My old office was upstairs with no elevator, and we used to drag things down a lot. It was a nightmare. The stuff is really heavy. Unloading and loading a truck would be just as exhausting as a day’s work almost,” Doug said. 

Couple all of the great things about this facility with easy highway access, and you might say we’ve thought of everything! Businesses like Doug’s Bug Company come to us — and even come back to us — because they appreciate our customer service, sparkling clean facilities, and formidable security. Since time is money, don’t waste a minute storing your supplies and inventory at another self storage facility! We’re ready to be your partner in self storage, so visit our website or any one of our locations to start renting today

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