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A-1 Self Storage Commercial Client Spotlight: FL-Simulators Inc.

A-1 Self Storage | August 8, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

It has been almost six months since FL-Simulators Inc. contacted our Fountain Valley facility and began renting with A-1 Self Storage. During their time with us they have proven to be a fantastic company to work with, so we’ve chosen to talk to Fran Bertagni of FL-Simulators Inc. about his company’s experience with A-1 Self Storage in this commercial client spotlight. 

The tech-startup FL-Simulators specializes in a unique use of VR technology. They built a forklift simulator that can be used to screen and train potential new drivers. Fran says that the forklift simulator is a smarter and faster way to accomplish what is otherwise a dangerous task. 

“This way they can safely get someone to show their skills and are able to perform the job without putting them in the risk of getting hurt,” he said.

While the tech-startup originally rented office space to conduct their business, they decided that joining a startup incubator would be beneficial to their company. However, there was one catch.

“The incubator space is a much smaller space than before, so we had to find space where we could store all of our junk!”

Fran says that they had a number of couches, stools, and general office furniture from their previous space that they needed to store, along with supplies and parts for their simulator. They also needed a place for storage on short notice. That’s when Fran went online and found our website. 

“It was really easy to navigate and find what I was looking for online,” Fran said. “On a lot of the other sites, it wasn’t really clear what units were available, what the prices were. On the A-1 website I just found the right unit, called Maricela, went and saw the space, and within a few days started bringing stuff in.”

Between the price point, location, and unit size, Fran says that storing with A-1 Self Storage just made sense. Wondering if it would make sense for your business? Visit our website like Fran did and reach out to your local A-1 Self Storage facility today! If you think that your company may be interested in utilizing FL-Simulators Inc.’s services, reach out to their company on their website

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