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A-1 Self Storage Commercial Client Spotlight: Gerber Products

A-1 Self Storage | October 5, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Self storage units are commonly associated with commercial clients such as remodeling experts, general contractors, and businesses that need to store inventory or tools. However, another very common, but lesser known profession, that utilizes storage units are medical representatives.

Carly Hill, who has been a pediatric medical representative for four years now, is a commercial client at A-1 Self Storage on Frazee Road. In her line of work, she needs to have many different kinds of samples ready to show to her clients. 

“I store samples, some of which are edible, and medical literature. Everything has to be off the floor and safe from the elements: formulas, probiotics for breastfed infants, breastfeeding supplies, starting solid samples, medical supplies, and infant formulas,” Carly said.

The probiotics alone have to remain under 77 degrees according to Carly, so having a unit that in a well shaded area and climate controlled was an important factor when choosing a storage facility. Another factor was having a facility that would agree to signing off on samples that arrived at the facility when she was unable to be there.

“A lot of storage facilities do not allow signing off on say UPS or FEDEX deliveries. At A-1 it’s been fantastic. They give me a call and let me know if they have a package for me,” Carly said. “I actually recently got married in September, and I went on a late honeymoon in April. So I just let them know ‘Hey, I’m going to be out of town this time, these are the items that are coming, please just make sure they are secure in my storage unit!’ They can always get into my storage unit with a key they have, but only with my permission.”

Due to our diligent, on-site self storage professionals and fantastic security measures, we are able to provide commercial clients like Carly services that are a rarity amongst storage facilities. These things also help give all of our customers peace of mind that their items are being treated with the utmost respect.

“Kim is very observant of things, and I always feel very safe in my unit, it’s gated, the neighbors are all very friendly and respectful, and so are the staff,” Carly said.

All customers at our facility have a unique code that they must use on a keypad to enter the facility and to exit. That, along with our 24-hour security cameras, gives us the opportunity to have full knowledge of everything that is happening on-site at any given moment.

Carly mentioned that another important factor that helped her determine which storage facility to go with was location: having a storage unit centrally located was critical to her work.

“My work vehicle is my office, so sometimes if I run out of samples, it makes a big difference that my storage unit is central so I can quickly go back to restock,” Carly said. “The Fashion Valley location is very central to the big freeways so it’s very convenient.”

With so many factors to consider, it is difficult for medical representatives to find suitable self storage facilities that can accommodate their unique needs. At A-1 Self Storage, we are happy that we can help medical representatives like Carly with features like climate controlled units, and package receiving. Our trained self storage professionals are excellent communicators, and do everything they can to make the lives, and the work, of their customers easier. If you are a commercial client that would like to see how the team at A-1 Self Storage can help you, give us a call today!

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