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A-1 Self Storage Commercial Client Spotlight: Paragon Surfboards

A-1 Self Storage | August 10, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

We are lucky to have a wide variety of businesses who use our facility as place to accept shipments and store inventory. However some of our tenants take it a step further. If there is enough room, it is common for them to use the space as a showroom for their products.

Such is the case for our commercial client, Paragon Surfboards. Owner Josh Paragon knew that when his surfboard company began to outgrow his garage six years ago that they would need plenty of space to continue that growth.

It turns out that our A-1 Self Storage facility in Huntington Beach, California was just what he was looking for. Of course the location was perfect according to Josh, who wanted to be in the heart of the city known for its surf beaches. However, he said that there was more than just location that drew him to the facility.

Josh said it was the cleanliness, the security features, the available parking, the landscaping, and just the overall “very professional” look that made him choose the facility over all others in the area. It was also his first impression of Dean that made the choice a simple one.

“The guy runs a super tight ship in a good way, and he’s super friendly. Literally multiple times a day I see him out there with his hat on sweeping up dust,” Josh said. “You can tell that takes complete and utter pride in this place.”

The way that Josh saw Dean run the facility reminded him a lot of his own approach in running his surfboard business.

“Like I take a lot of pride and don’t cut corners, so these are all the things that lead me to think, wow this is legit! I like the way this is run, I know it’s going to be safe, and I’ve been there ever since,” he said.

His business now has 3 units of all different sizes at the facility, full of surfboards that he said are priced well for young kids and new families looking to hit the surf. Their largest unit, 10 ft x 30 ft, is where they store their longest board. Their 10 ft x 10 ft self storage unit holds their medium sized boards and their 5 ft x 5 ft self storage unit is where they store their “baby boards”.

Josh described Dean letting him have customers come to his unit as “a huge deal” since the fledgling shop doesn’t technically have a storefront. They instead have surf shops that represent their products, eliminating the need for them to have a formal showroom.

However, when customers are interested in meeting Josh and learning more about the surfboards, the facility acts as a clean, professional, and safe environment for Josh and his clients.

“A lot of times if I’m selling a surfboard to someone who comes alone after hours, it could seem sort of sketchy,” he explained. “Immediately upon entry though I feel there is a safety factor you feel between the gates, the grounds, and the other clientele here. It makes a big difference.”

At A-1 Self Storage our managers pride themselves on not only creating safe and clean communities of customers, but also in providing above and beyond customer service to their clients. One example Josh gave us of Dean’s superior customer service, was when Dean agreed to help Josh, after his computer broke one day, by printing out important documents he needed for his business.

“I know most public storage places would probably not have that level of customer service, and him doing that for me was a huge deal,” he said.

Location, amenities, and customer service are all reasons why Paragon Surfboards decided to call A-1 Self Storage in Huntington Beach home. If you are a business looking to expand your operations in this area, make sure to visit our facility and see for yourself why businesses thrive with us. If you are looking for a way to ride the tide, please contact a local dealer to set an appointment!

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