Celebrate Mother's Day by Giving Her Self Storage

A-1 Self Storage | May 4, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Mother's Day is coming up, and you know what that means. You need to find the perfect gift for the mom in your life.

So what do you give the mom that has anything? Why not give her a day of relaxation while you declutter the home and tuck everything away in a secure self storage facility?

Not sure if that's the right choice? Let's talk about it! Read on to learn all about making self storage the best gift for Mom.

Why Is Self Storage a Good Gift for Any Mom?

So why add self storage as a gift for the important mother in your life? There are plenty of reasons.

First, self storage is a great way to clear up a cluttered home without getting rid of any treasured or sentimental items. If the mom in your life loves to accumulate things (don't we all), she doesn't have to give up her maximalist tendencies and aesthetics. 

When something isn't currently in use, simply send it to the local "self storage facility near me" and leave room for more things or a neater environment. 

A quality self storage container is also completely secure. You don't have to worry about your items being stolen or harmed. This makes it better than storing things in an insecure shed or garage.

Best Ways to "Set Up" Your Gift

So how will you give the mom in your life a self storage container? It's not as simple as wrapping up any other gift and giving it to her when she wakes up in the morning.

Start With Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn't love breakfast in bed as a gift? Sure, this might not be directly related to self storage, but it will set the tone for a fantastic mother's day. 

Make your mom's favorite breakfast and morning beverage of choice. Order breakfast from her favorite local restaurant if you're not a great cook. Deliver it to her bright and early, so she doesn't have to lift a finger.

Don't forget to do the dishes and clean up after she's done eating. You don't want to give her more work!

Give Mom a Day Off

If the mom in your life spends a lot of time cleaning and doing other household chores, send her away for a day off. You're taking care of everything today. 

We recommend gifting her something that she can do outside of the house. You can offer her a spa day, a sip and paint class, concert tickets, or anything else that she wants to do for a while.

If you have the means (and she has the time), you could even have a friend or someone else in the household take her on a weekend trip somewhere nice. Let her take a drive out to the coast or a nearby vineyard.

Clean and Declutter for Mom

This is where the storage container comes into play. While mom is away, you'll clean and declutter the home. Do a deep clean to make life easier for her over the next few months. Upkeep is a breeze when a home is spotless. 

Start by decluttering. Avoid decluttering things that are special to the mom in your life. She likely has her own decluttering and storage method for these things.

Instead, focus on things that can easily be hidden away for the season. Seasonal clothes and decorations can go into storage for the time being. 

Ensure that everything goes into labeled boxes, so it's easy to find later. You don't want to make life harder when it's time to take things out of storage. 

Then it's time to clean. We recommend renting a steam cleaner for the carpets and rugs so you can get deep into the fibers. Remember, you want the home to be spotless. 

Dust and wipe down every visible surface. Ensure to take care of the larger projects, like cleaning out the refrigerator. This is a tedious task, so having someone else take care of it will make your mother's (or partner's) day. 

Leave a Gift in the Self Storage Container

Do you want Mother's Day to be even more special?

If you have the means, leave several gifts for her (or one significant present) in the self storage container. Wrap the gifts and arrange them center stage.

When you bring her to her new storage container, she'll have one final surprise. She'll see the presents soon after she opens the container!

How Much Does Self Storage Cost? 

Of course, the cost is a factor whenever you're picking out Mother's Day gifts for your mother or partner. You'll be happy to know that you can get self storage at a reasonable price. 

So what's the average price of a 10x10 self storage unit? Costs vary depending on where you're located. Contact us so we can find accurate pricing for your area.

This is a small price to pay for extra space for your belongings. Reach out to our excellent customer service team for a more accurate estimate based on your location.

Give Mom the Gift of Self Storage

Self storage is a fantastic gift for the mother in your life. Give her a Mother's Day experience she'll never forget, and end it with a trip to the best "self storage near me." She's going to love it!

If you require self storage, visit A1Storage! Use the location finder to find a facility near you.

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