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Commercial Client Spotlight: Mendez Automotive Services

A-1 Self Storage | November 16, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

At A-1 Self Storage, we love assisting commercial clients of all sizes, across different industries, turn their storage needs into self storage solutions! Marylou Mendez, CFO of Mendez Automotive Services (also known as “The Plaza Chevron”) started renting a storage unit at A-1 Self Storage in Fountain Valley, CA, about four years ago.

“We used to be able to store everything in this little attic we had, but it got to be too much,” Marylou said. 

You’re probably asking yourself, “What would a gas station convenience shop need to store?” Some may be surprised to learn that a business like this has plenty of paper documents, along with other larger pieces of equipment needed to run a gas station convenience shop. 

“We have seven years worth of our records for audits. You have to have your payroll records, all your employment records, all in hard copies, so it's all paper,” Marylou said. “That's not all that's in there. We keep gondolas and different types of displays that we might want to reuse again. We have a convenience store, so we have shelving, racks, signage, and things like that as well.”

To keep all of these documents and merchandising displays conveniently at hand, Marylou rents a drive-up self storage unit that is the size of a two-car garage. 

“We use it to be able to stay organized. We also have it so we can easily access and add documents when we need to,” Marylou said. 

When asked why she chose to work with A-1 Self Storage over other self storage companies in the area, Marylou let out a brief giggle before responding.

“Well, my daughter-in-law, Maricela, works there actually,” she said.  

Marylou went on to explain that Maricela, the Facility Manager at A-1 Self Storage in Fountain Valley, CA, came to her rescue when she didn’t even know she needed storage space. 

“We weren't really at a point to where we wanted to get self storage, but we had a situation here where, all of a sudden, we needed space for a giant gondola,” Marylou said. “They can be up to six feet long! And then Maricela just jumped in saying, ‘I could set you up.’ and I was like, ‘Right now?’ and she was like, ‘Yeah!’”

While the business’ relationship with A-1 Self Storage may have blossomed from family ties, Marylou said that the facility’s close proximity to her business and the ample security features sealed the deal. 

“We can't have anyone tampering with anything. We just want to make sure that when the day comes that we do get audited that it is all in there. It's more for the peace of mind,” Marylou said. 

Along with drive-up self storage units, oversized elevators, and moving supplies for purchase on-sight, giving our customers peace of mind is just another perk of renting at A-1 Self Storage! If you’re ready to start renting at a facility that will make you feel like family, then give us a call. Visit our website so you can start renting at A-1 Self Storage in Fountain Valley, California today! 

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