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Easter Egg Hunts, Tidy Homes, Self Storage: The Connection Explained

A-1 Self Storage | April 14, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Easter is right around the corner. Are you ready for your yearly Easter egg hunt? 

Have you ever considered turning this fun event into a tidying-up opportunity? That's right, you can convince your children that hunting for Easter eggs and doing chores can happen at the same time. It can even be fun!

Not sure how to do it? Read on to learn all about how you can make your next Easter egg hunt into a cleaning opportunity (and how you can tuck your Easter items into a self-storage facility when you're done).

How Parents Can Tidy Up While Hiding Eggs

When you're hiding your eggs around the house, take this opportunity to tidy up a bit. You can even make it fun, especially if you're working together with another adult in the household. 

Make an effort to place eggs in places that don't get a lot of tidying. Most of the "hidden away" parts of your home are going to fit into this category.

Every time you place an egg, grab something in that area that doesn't belong there. It can be garbage, clutter, or just an item that's been misplaced. Put it where it belongs before you move on to the next hiding spot.

To gamify the process, give yourself a time limit. Give yourself a half-hour to hide a specific number of eggs. In that same half-hour, set an intention to fill a box with items that you're going to put away.

If you want an extra challenge, bring cleaning supplies with you and dust off everything as you go. How much can you clean up in a half-hour? 

Make sure you set things aside that need to go into the best self-storage facility in your area. You wouldn't want to lose them! 

Involving Children in the Tidying-Up Process While They Search

Believe it or not, you can also find fun ways to incorporate tidying up during the Easter egg hunt. As long as you make it fun, your kids should be more than happy to clean as they go. They might not even realize that they're helping you around the house.

Keep in mind that it's easier to "trick" children into doing chores when they're still young. Older children and teens will know what you're up to, but the promise of candy might be enough to get them to look the other way and go along with it anyway. 

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate tidying up into your Easter egg hunt. 

Give an Easter Bunny Chore List

When your children wake up, make sure they're greeted with a note from the Easter Bunny somewhere that they can easily find (like on their bedroom doors or on the dining room table). 

This note should give the children chore instructions alongside a scavenger hunt to help them find the eggs. Write down tasks that the child has to complete in order to find the eggs.

For example, maybe an egg is underneath a pile of laundry. The child has to pick up the laundry to get the egg.

Consider filling some eggs with further instructions to prolong the game (and get more cleaning done). Children have short attention spans, however, so make sure that the chore list isn't too extensive. Even young children will start to get irritated if they have to wait too long for their candy.

Reward Tidying-Up With Extra Candy or Toys

Make sure that there's something worthwhile at the end of the tidying project. Sure, your children have been gathering candy all morning, but why not reward them with a full Easter basket when they're done? 

Fill it with toys or a large chocolate bunny. Your kids will remember this when next year rolls around. 

Storing Easter (and Other Seasonal) Items After Spring Is Over

After Easter (and spring in general) you're going to want to pack away some of your seasonal items. Even large homes don't often have enough storage space to keep everything organized. 

Here are a few quick tips for storing seasonal items so you can get ready for the summer ahead once the Easter celebration is over. 

Label Everything 

This is crucial. Whenever you're storing holiday or seasonal items, you're going to want to label them with the appropriate season and holiday. This prevents you from having to dig through boxes in the future when you're hunting for a specific item. 

We recommend using large plastic containers and a permanent marker. When you stack your containers, make sure that the label is visible. Don't put it on the lid; put it on the side that faces outward.

Swap With Summer Items

If storage is getting tight, use this opportunity to take your summer items out. You're going to need them soon anyway, so free up some space! 

Pull out your kiddie pools, your summer clothing, your sprinklers, and all of your Fourth of July goodies so you have room to put away the items you'll need for next spring. 

Use Your Self Storage Unit

Always look for a "storage facility near me" when you're running out of space in your home. Don't overstuff your closets or make your garage unusable. One of the top benefits of self-storage is that you'll have plenty of extra room in your home!

Moving things into a self-storage facility is simple and you'll never have to worry about having to get rid of your treasured excess items again. 

Looking for "Storage Near Me?"

Get ready for your fun (and clean) Easter egg hunt! Your kids will have more fun tidying up than ever before. When you're done boxing up all of that clutter and your seasonal items, take a trip to your local self-storage facility with great customer service!

You can set up auto-pay and create an online account right here on our site. Check out our blog for storage advice, moving tips, organization pointers, and news from A-1 Self Storage.

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