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Father's Day Gifts: The Gift of His Own Car Storage Unit

A-1 Self Storage | June 13, 2022 @ 12:00 AM

Americans love our cars and with the number of households that own two or more vehicles on the rise, you wouldn't be blamed for trying to find space to fit them all. When your driveway or garage starts to get cluttered, that's when you might start searching for "storage near me" to try to make room for the things you use more frequently.

With Father's Day coming up, self storage might just be one of the most useful gifts you could give dad. Whether it's your dad's beloved classic car or an RV that doesn't get much use during the colder months, a car storage facility could be the ideal solution. Read on to find out what self storage options are available and why it's one of the most practical gift ideas to make your dad's life easier.


What is Self Storage?

Self storage provides space to individuals that can be rented to store personal or business belongings. The storage unit is typically rented on a monthly basis.

Car storage is a self storage unit designed to house a car and other types of vehicles. It has similar benefits to a typical self storage facility including gated access, on-site security, and climate control in some instances.

Why Is Car Storage A Great Gift For Dad?

Let's face it. Father's Day gifts can sometimes border on the cheesy and, in the worst examples, can be downright useless. When dads are used to getting socks, ties, and another "World's Best Dad" mug on their big day, a more pragmatic approach could really make his day.

Whether your dad has a car, motorcycle, or RV, here are some great reasons to give him self storage as a gift:

  • Clear out a cluttered garage or make room in your driveway
  • Protect your car from the outside elements
  • Keep your car safe from theft or vandalism
  • Have your car maintained for you while in storage 

What Car Storage Options Are Available?

There are a variety of different storage options available depending on how much space you need, if you're after easy access, or if you want full protection from the outside elements. Here are some of the main car storage options to consider for your dad.

Enclosed Car Storage

Individual, enclosed garage-size storage units provide enough space for your dad's vehicle along with any additional household items he'd like to store. Think of it as basically a garage you rent that's located within a larger self storage facility. 

Enclosed units usually feature individual electronic gate access codes, concrete floors, and roll-up doors for complete protection against the sun, rain, or blowing debris.

Your dad will be able to drive his car in and out of the unit at any hour of the day and the individual space means there's no risk of damage from other parked cars. Some units offer a climate control option that can help keep your vehicle in top shape while being stored for long periods.

Inside Car Storage

The next best thing for car self-storage is indoor car storage. Your vehicle will be located in a warehouse-sized lot that houses many cars in the shared space.

It is a cheaper option than enclosed car storage but does have the downside of limited access. You usually have to schedule a time to retrieve your car and are not able to access the unit on your own. You do, however, get the benefit of complete protection from outside elements and you'll have access to additional services such as battery charging, start-up service, and tire inflation checks.

Features of inside car storage usually include round-the-clock video surveillance, fire protection, and a climate-controlled environment.

Covered Garage Car Storage

If you find the inside storage options a bit too pricey, you also have the option of covered garage space. These units still protect your car from the elements like rain, snow, and sun but it doesn't offer the full protection that you'd find in an indoor space.

Covered car storage spaces are generally housed within a large car port shared by many vehicles. You can expect open walls, concrete flooring, and a roof overhead for direct protection.

Features usually include an assigned space with easy access for owners via individual access codes, 24-hour video surveillance, and fire protection with sprinklers installed.

Outside Car Storage

Unlike the others, this type of car storage facility isn’t an individual unit you rent but more of a parking space. If your dad is short on space at home for his car, RV, camper, or boat, he could be looking for another solution close by. Some neighborhoods also have strict parking regulations that restrict storing vehicles on different parts of your property, which could even include your driveway.

Outside storage can usually be found within a large parking lot on site of a car storage facility. The surface could be dirt, grass, gravel, or paved. It's the most affordable way to store a car due to the lack of protection from the elements.

The benefits of additional security and an assigned storage space are still there, however, and you can always put a cover on your car to provide a barrier against pests and bad weather. Outside car storage is also handy if you need convenient access to your vehicle seven days a week.

Car Storage Tips

If you're already convinced that self storage is the best option for your dad, here are some tips to get him prepared for putting his car into storage:

  • Sign up with auto-pay so you never miss a payment
  • Fully clean your car before storing it
  • Cover your tailpipe with a cloth or plastic bag to avoid any unwanted critters
  • Disconnect the battery on older cars
  • Get a maintenance check if storing long-term

You can find more tips and some frequently asked questions at our dedicated Car Storage page.

Give Dad the Gift Of Self Storage

Now that you're keyed up in all things car storage, it's time to hit the engine and choose one before Father's Day. A-1 self storage has a variety of storage options to suit all types of vehicles and great customer service so you know your dad will be well taken care of. Stop googling, "storage facility near me" and head over to our Locations page where you can find all the A-1 self storage facilities and see which car storage units are available today.

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