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Get Through Airport Security Faster with These Packing Tips

A-1 Self Storage | August 16, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

For professionals traveling for business, time is money, so to speak, and you can’t afford to spend more time than necessary getting through security if you’re going to make that meeting or get home in time. At A-1 Self Storage, we’ve got the tips you need to pack your carry-on efficiently and get on your way, no matter the destination.

Carry-On Packing Tips

  1. Shoes — Pack only one pair of shoes in your carry-on to avoid giving up valuable space. Wear your bulkiest shoes to the airport and pack your slimmest shoes in your carry on to increase space.
  2. Wear Bulky Items — Instead of taking up space in your carry-on, wear your jacket or sweater. Traveling for business? Wear your suit or business attire on the place to avoid packing it.
  3. Accessible Essentials — Make sure you pack your ID, credit card, and boarding pass in an easily accessible part of your bag or wallet. By doing so, you save both your own time and other people’s time when you’re not fumbling around in the security line when you need them.
  4. TSA-Friendly Laptop Bag — One of the best ways to expedite your passage through airport security comes in the use of a TSA-friendly laptop bag. These bags typically open butterfly-style and allow your computer to lay flat on the X-ray machine’s belt. You won’t have to waste time taking your laptop and electronic devices in and out and repacking them when using this style of bag.
  5. Organization — Packing your carry-on in an organized fashion leads to successful and efficient security check-in. Pack in layers — first clothing, then electronics and heavier items. This allows security officers to see the X-ray image of what’s in your bag more clearly and eliminates the discussion time of “What’s that!?”
  6. Liquids — Know the 3-1-1 rule when traveling with liquids. Be sure bottles weigh no more than 3.4 ounces. Pack all liquids in one clear, zip-top bag. TSA allows one bag per passenger and should be placed in the screening bins. If checking a bag, place your liquids here to avoid dealing with them at security.
  7. Don’t Overstuff — Roll the clothing you’ll be putting in your carry-on in order to keep them small. This provides you with more space in the carry-on itself. It’s important not to overstuff your carry-on, as it could result in items spilling out in the security line and slowing your progress.
  8. Know What Not to Bring — Do yourself a favor and check TSA guidelines before packing. Certain items such as sharp objects, combustibles, and tools violate TSA regulations. Leave these items at home to avoid a hold up in the airport security line.

Following these tips will help you organize your carry-on to quickly maneuver through airport security. Whether traveling across the country or up the coastline of California, you’ll appreciate the saved headaches and long waits in line. Use the extra time to grab a cup of coffee, prep for your big meeting, and make your way up the career ladder. At A-1 Self Storage, we provide helpful resources for our community, both inside and outside of self storage.

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