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Haunted Anaheim: A Guide to the Spookiest Places to Visit this Fall

A-1 Self Storage | September 19, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Autumn is the season of eerie tales, pumpkin spice lattes, and the whispers of ghosts that hang in the crisp fall air. As the city of Anaheim, California prepares for Halloween, the streets become a buzz of excitement, with locals and tourists alike seeking out the spookiest spots to ignite their adventurous spirits. Whether you are a die-hard believer in the paranormal or just looking for a chilling tale to enhance the festive season, our guide to the haunted locations in Anaheim will surely give you a thrill. Brace yourself as we delve deep into the city's mysterious corners, unfolding stories that span decades and even centuries, bringing you face-to-face with the unknown.

Anaheim's Ghostly Haunts

  • The Stanley House

Located in the heart of the Garden Grove historic district, a stone's throw from Anaheim, the Stanley House stands as a testimony to early 20th-century architecture. However, it is believed to house more than just relics of the past. Visitors and staff have reported eerie happenings, from sudden drops in temperature to apparitions of a little girl in Victorian attire. This historical gem is a must-visit for anyone looking to delve into the mysterious. One might even witness objects moving on their own, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the rich history that envelops this place.

  • The White House Restaurant

An important landmark in Anaheim, the White House Restaurant has an enriched history dating back to the 1900s. Rumored to be haunted, employees have recounted stories of unseen hands meddling in the kitchen, shadowy figures fleeting across halls, and whispered voices in empty rooms. A dinner here promises not only a gourmet feast but perhaps a paranormal encounter too. It has become a place of fascination for ghost hunters and enthusiasts who are drawn to its reputation for unexplained phenomena.

Urban Legends and Infamous Spots

  • Anaheim High School

Urban legends abound when it comes to high schools, and Anaheim High School is no exception. The oldest high school in Anaheim, built in 1898, has tales of wandering spirits in its theater. Legend has it that the "woman in white" has been seen roaming the premises, especially near the theater, giving rise to many bone-chilling stories. It's become a place of hushed whispers and glimpsed shadows, where the lines between reality and myth are blurred, offering a chilling backdrop for those eager to experience the supernatural.

  • Disneyland

No guide to haunted Anaheim would be complete without mentioning the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. Believe it or not, apart from its magical aura, Disneyland has its share of ghost stories. From the ghost of a young boy sighted on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to the spirit of Walt Disney himself supposedly haunting his old apartment above the fire station, the park has a few eerie tales to tell. Visitors often share stories of feeling sudden cold spots in various areas of the park, adding to the list of mysterious occurrences within Disneyland's boundaries.

  • Anaheim Plaza Hotel

Situated near Disneyland, the Anaheim Plaza Hotel has witnessed strange occurrences, with guests recounting stories of ghostly apparitions and unexplained noises during their stay. If you're keen on spending a night with the supernatural, this might be the spot for you. Some guests have reported seeing figures standing at the foot of their beds, disappearing suddenly, leaving them with an eerie feeling that lingers long after they’ve checked out.

Ghostly Event

An event steeped in tradition, the Anaheim Halloween Parade is a vibrant display of creepy costumes, haunted floats, and ghastly figures that has been a staple since 1924. The parade not only celebrates the spooky season but also revives the legends and ghostly tales associated with the city. The event also holds ghost story competitions and haunted house displays, providing a full spectrum of spooky entertainment for people of all ages.

Haunted Walking Tours

For those seeking a guided adventure into the paranormal world of Anaheim, several companies offer haunted walking tours. These tours delve deep into the city's history, bringing to life tales of haunted sites, tragic events, and mysterious occurrences. Participants have often recounted feeling an uncanny presence during these tours, adding a genuine touch of the paranormal to the experience.


  • Hidden Haunt

 Besides the famous spots, many older buildings in downtown Anaheim have their share of ghost stories. It is said that some businesses have even hired paranormal investigators to check their premises. 

  • Disney's Friendly Ghosts

Disneyland staff often share tales of friendly ghosts helping them in their duties, including a spirit named George on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride who even has his own "Cast Member Only" sign. Locals also share that sometimes, late at night, you can hear whispered conversations and laughter in empty corridors, adding a kind yet mysterious demeanor to these spirits.

As the leaves turn amber and the nights grow longer, the city of Anaheim beckons with its haunted history and spectral sights. From the historic corridors of the Stanley House to the magical yet ghostly confines of Disneyland, Anaheim offers an eerie array of destinations for those looking to explore the spookier side of the city. Whether it's a haunted dining experience, a ghost tour, or a festive parade, Anaheim ensures a hauntingly good time for all this fall. Do visit, if you dare, and who knows, you might just have your own ghost story to tell. As you venture through haunted Anaheim, keep your eyes and ears open; the city is alive with stories waiting to reach those daring enough to listen.

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