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Meet Your Local Storage Facility: A-1 Self Storage in Concord, California

A-1 Self Storage | May 8, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

You can visit this A-1 Self Storage Facility in Concord, California.

Once a year, four A-1 Self Storage facilities receive District Distinction Awards for their commitment to superior customer service and overall facility excellence. This year, the team in Concord, CA was one of those recipients. We spoke with Mark and Sabrina about what it took to win the award, as well as the great amenities this location offers! 

Mark recently joined the team at A-1 Self Storage in Oakland, but was the manager at Concord last year. He credited winning the District Distinction Award to the team’s ability to consistently rise to the occasion, “I worked there for 5 or 6 years, and we constantly kept up with taking care of the facility, and were just tenacious about it.”

The clean grounds and lack of maintenance issues make it apparent that the Concord team really do take care of the facility. Both Mark and Sabrina credit the training they experienced when they were first hired, as well as the support they receive from the home office, for their success. 

This facility has more than 528 units of varying sizes (up to 10 ft x 30 ft!) spread across multiple buildings. One of those buildings has two floors and is equipped with two large elevators on each side for easy access.

If you’re interested in drive-up units, you’re in luck, “We have about 30 drive ups, but then we also have 50 containers. They are not connected to the building, but they are containers that are outside,” Sabrina said. She also mentioned that customers have the option to park vehicles inside units if the necessary paperwork is completed and on file with the facility.

Along with 24-hour security camera coverage of the facility, the main entry is gated. When anyone enters the facility, they are required to use a code on the keypad to open the gate, as well as access their unit. 

What happens in the off-chance that a tenant forgets to stop by the keypad and instead drives straight to their unit? “Then the alarm goes off,” Sabrina said. “So I have to go out to the unit and make sure they are who they say they are.” Be sure to punch in that code! 

The Concord team is also familiar with their tenants, and will introduce themselves to anyone new to the facility. This not only helps to create a tighter community, but also a safer facility. The greater neighborhood communities surrounding the this facility include Concord Valley, Concord Naval Weapons Station, and Concord Pavillion. 

“It’s quiet, peaceful, I love it here,” Sabrina said. “It’s completely different from the main Bay Area. The clientele out here are really nice and sweet. I really do enjoy working here.”

That peaceful, quite feeling is due in part to being located in a residential neighborhood. In an effort to be a good neighbor, the facility access hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sabrina says that those who live in the area appreciate this policy and that current customers understand. 

Being a good neighbor is important and this facility is home to a wide variety of individuals, businesses, charities, and military-based philanthropic groups including Toys-for-Tots and Blue Star Moms. Supporting local philanthropic organizations has developed a sense of community and warmth that contributed to Concord winning a District Distinction Award. 

Blue Star Moms is a group of people who get together and donate things that can make a soldier's life easier: A lot of comics and food and beef jerky. It’s nice too, because around Christmas time it's awesome to see the whole community come together and do something nice for people who deserve it,” Sabrina said. 

In addition to the security features and great community of customers, this self storage facility was built with heat in mind. The climate in this part of California can often break the thermometer at over a hundred degrees during the summer, so ventilation is important. 

“We have really great airflow through every building. We have a fan that blows air throughout the facility. The temperature is good, and it’s not stuffy or muggy,” Sabrina said. 

At A-1 Self Storage in Concord, it’s clear that customers are priority number one. With convenience in mind, the facility even has an on-site retail store that contains everything a person could need to move their belongings. 

If you are looking for a deal on packing supplies, Sabrina says A-1 Self Storage has the best discounts in town. You can get 25% off of your entire purchase when you buy 10 boxes and there are a variety of pre-packaged deals to save you time and money.

After all of that, if you’re still wondering if A-1 Self Storage is right for you, Sabrina sums it up well: “I know that this is a great location and, like I said, around here it’s just nice people. As far as I know, at this facility there hasn't been a break-in in over 8 years. Prior to that I don’t know if we ever had one. We have great Yelp reviews and people just love it here. They feel safe and secure while they’re at the facility.”

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