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Meet Your Local Storage Facility: A-1 Self Storage in Huntington Beach, California

A-1 Self Storage | September 23, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

People come from miles around to experience the beach culture, mild weather, and year-round surfing experience that is unique to Huntington Beach, California. Did you know people also come from miles around to take advantage of the premium self storage facilities of A-1 Self Storage in Huntington Beach, California

We decided to take a closer look at what makes this facility shine with the help of facility manager, Dean, who has been at this location for over 16 years. The facility, which opened in 1999, has 625 units spread across six buildings. Dean spoke on the different self storage options in the buildings.

“We have two buildings that have a full underground, but our F building has air conditioning. But, during most the year they’re almost identical in terms of temperature,” Dean said. “You know, even with the AC on the other one, you could choose either or for pharmaceutical customers, customers storing wine, and others that just like the comfort.”

These buildings are equipped with large, hospital-sized elevators so customers can easily move their items in and out of their units more easily. There are also free push carts for customers to use throughout the facility that are easily accessible.

“Here we don’t lock up our carts. You just grab one and go!” he said. 

The E and F buildings are the only ones on site with subterranean floors, but all of the buildings are made up of ground floor units, including 165 drive up spaces all ranging in size from 5’ x 5’ to 12’ x 30’ units.

The community of renters here is made up of many long-term customers, as well as business people, and those needing short-term storage for moving shop or home. The business customers here love the on-site package acceptance from UPS, FedEx, and other delivery services. Dean mentioned that they do not allow people to set up automotive detail or repair shops here, but allow for shops to store their inventory and business products. 

“Then they just come and go to get the product as it’s needed. I would say we have a mix of 40% business accounts and 60% residential or other accounts,” he said. 

The greater community surrounding the facility is generally made up of affluent neighborhoods, with lots of outdoor and surfing events. Dean described the people he encounters in the area as “real relaxed and casual, not high stressed.” He also mentioned that everyone liked the cleanliness and the security features of the facility. 

“There is a steel fence that encompasses the entire property, and each self storage unit has an individual alarm. When the customer walks in, he or she will punch the code that will deactivate the unit alarm,” he said. “Upon exit, they will put in their code to re-arm the unit. We also have the 24-hour surveillance, with nine cameras set on the upper property ground levels all set on good angles. It helps everyone feel real safe.” 

When it comes to keeping the facility looking spotless, Dean makes sure to get the spaces in between! While he said he has his own dustpan and broom that he uses while he checks out his units and the general property, he also has some extra hands to help make sure it all comes together.

“We have our cleaning crew three days a week. There are three people here for an hour and 20 minutes, then I help clean up in between days. We also have landscapers who take care of the whole front area. We make a good team together!” he said.

Dean is the sole manager of the A-1 Self Storage facility in Huntington Beach, but with a helpful Sales Center, he is able to make everything run smoothly. Customers are also welcome to pay bills and rent self storage units online or by phone.


“It’s just me, and I’m here every day except for Sunday and Thursday, but we a readily available Sales Center with extended phone hours if there is a question about storage, or if you need to pay your rent,” he said. 

On top of all of these fantastic features, the facility also has a retail area that has moving supplies for purchase including boxes, packing tape, packing kits, mattress bags, and more! This, on top of the fantastic customer service, top-notch security features, climate controlled units, and other convenient amenities, is what makes A-1 Self Storage in Huntington Beach shine! If you’re ready to have the best self storage experience in the Huntington Beach area, call or visit to start renting today!

This post was originally written in September 2018 and has been updated to maintain accuracy.

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