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Power Outage Planning Tips

A-1 Self Storage | June 22, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Wildfire season is notorious in California. As the season begins again, the state is treating every risk equally no matter how small in order to combat the devastating losses wildfires can cause. Energy companies are joining in on the battle and have confirmed they will shut power off during times when the risk of a fire is high. Although they aim to provide early warning alerts, these outages may come without sufficient warning. Power will only be restored when the risk declines and ongoing updates will be sent out by your energy company. It is crucial you are prepared should your power be shut off. 

As with evacuation preparation plans, you should always have important files in one place, an emergency supply kit, and a safety plan for you, your family, and your pets. The following tips include planning tactics specifically for power outages.

  • Update your emergency contact information with your energy provider.
  • Identify backup charges for all necessary devices such as cell phones.
  • Check all backup generators to be sure they are in working order and running safely. 
  • Learn how to open your garage manually. 
  • Plan medical needs. If you or a loved one requires medication to be refrigerated or is dependent on a medical device that needs power, make a plan and find a safe location they can be taken to in the case of a power outage. Consider a reliable power back up device, like a generator.

Always remain aware of updates coming from your energy company and be sure your contact information is up to date with your energy provider as this is how they will contact you. Most companies will also post updates and warnings on social media as well. You can follow your local supplier for regular updates throughout the entirety of fire season. For more information on power outages and preparedness, visit Prepare for Power Down. We hope that you are never put in a dangerous situation requiring an emergency power outage, however, being prepared will make the situation less stressful.

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