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Removing Your Car From Storage

A-1 Self Storage | January 9, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Is it about time to rev up that engine? Whether you have recently returned from serving our country, or just want to take the hot rod out for a spin, we have some tips to help make sure your ride is a smooth one. As one of California’s oldest and most respected car storage companies, we understand sometimes it takes a little while prepare to take your car out of storage, so take your time, we want you to be safe! Oh, and don’t forget we’ll be here when you get back with all the security and amenities you’ve come to enjoy.

Tires and Tailpipes

If you utilized jack stands to get the car or truck off the ground while in storage, be sure to carefully remove those. This is a good time to look at your tires. Since the car hasn’t been driven, it’s important to take a look at each tire’s air pressure. Often times, it’s a vehicle's downtime that reveals tire issues. 

Be sure to check your tailpipes if they were covered while in storage. Remove any plastic bags or fabric coverings before starting the vehicle.

Battery and Fluids

If you disconnected the vehicle’s battery while in storage, bring the proper tools to reconnect it. You’ll need a socket or wrench set to hook up cables and ensure a secure fit. Be sure to bring a jump start or jumper box, as well.

When a vehicle sits, often times this is when you can check for leaking fluid. If you see any fresh-looking spots on the ground, under your vehicle, make sure you are aware fluids could be leaking. Before you hit the road, please inform one of our friendly staff members of any spots. The color of fluid on the ground will most likely help you determine where the leak is coming from. If it’s green, it’s likely antifreeze and if it’s black or dark brown, it’s likely engine oil. If you notice a reddish color it could be transmission fluid. Even if there are no leaks, check under the hood on the oil level, transmission fluid level, and antifreeze to ensure proper levels before venturing out. 

A-1 Self Storage is pleased to offer you many solutions for storage. Preparing an automobile to leave self storage can take a few minutes, but spending time before you venture out on the highways and byways is a smart move. A-1 Self Storage may be in your rearview mirror now, but remember we’re here for you to drive right back in. 

Put your mind at ease knowing 24-hour surveillance is keeping a watchful eye on your vehicle. Indoor storage protects your car from outdoor elements that could harm the exterior and depreciate the car’s value. With access to your vehicle at all times, you can take your vehicle for a spin whenever you wish.

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