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Survivor's Guide to College Dorm Move Out Day

A-1 Self Storage | March 14, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

If you still have your head in a book and caffeine within arm’s reach while your move-out day is creeping closer and closer, we have compiled a guide to help you spend less time moving and more time studying...and attending the last few parties of the semester, of course.

One Month to Two Weeks Before Move-Out Day:

  • Inventory! Take inventory of what you will need to put in storage and what you will take home. This will help you decide what size storage unit you will need. Not sure? Check out our handy Unit Size Guide or give us a call! Any of our friendly storage experts would be happy to help you determine the perfect size and save you money!
  • Consult your residence hall advisor. Get your move out checklist and plan early. You won’t want to run into any surprises the day of move out. This should tell you how to clean your dorm, what do to with your keys, your move-out date and time, and how to check out.

Two Weeks Before Move-Out Day:

  • Take down and pack wall decorations. Roll up your posters and fold tapestries for best preservation in storage, and use a jewelry box or plastics bags to store your command hooks, so you can save them for next semester.
  • Wash your laundry (towels and sheets too!). Let’s face it. You won’t have time during finals week, and you don’t want to store dirty clothes or bed sheets.
  • Sort and group clothing. You’ll want to do this before you get to busy as well. Start separating and folding your winter clothes and heavy jackets. If you aren’t wearing them now, you certainly won’t need them during the summer.
  • Purchase any boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers, and other packing supplies you might need before you get too busy.
  • Rent your self storage unit online. Small unit sizes sell out fast. Rent ahead of time at one of our convenient A-1 Self Storage locations!

One Week Before Move-Out Day

  • Finish grouping your clothing. A week’s worth of clothes is all you need, unless if you’re, um, reusing your favorite sweats and lucky t-shirt. This way you can pack your clothes, and use your laundry basket to neatly pack your winter clothes in for storage.
  • Pack dishes and utensils. You can wrap glass items in bubble wrap as necessary. Set them in a box under your bed or out of the way and fill boxes as you go. Remember to always wrap breakables and put them on top of other items insides boxes.
  • Fold and pack Linens. Start with extra sheets and blankets that you don’t need. These can act as perfect cushions for delicate items like decorations and dishes.

One Day Before Move-Out Day

  • Take your last residence hall shower! It may only be your last one until the fall semester, but hey, look on the bright side. Now, you can pack your shower caddy, shoes, and bath towels.
  • Wash and pack the rest of your dishes. If you kept your old faithful coffee cup for a spark of joy during the week you can wash it and wrap it in bubble wrap because you’re almost done!
  • Fold and pack all your clothes. It is much easier if they are already separated right? Just leave underwear for tomorrow!
  • Unplug and pack electronics. Show the coffee maker that helped you through the semester some love, wipe it down and set it dry out before packing it into a box. Take the paper out of your printer, shut it off according to its directions and unplug it. Unplug all extension cords, fans, and desk lamps. Wrap each cord around its device so they do not get tangled when packing.
  • Pack school supplies. Out of sight out of mind! For the summer, at least. Pack all your books and supplies that you will not need for summer classes if you will be attending a summer session. Just remember not to put all your books in one box. You’ll thank us later when you have to lift those boxes.

Morning of Move-Out

  • Pack your bed sheets and pillows. These are perfect for cushioning and can fit in anywhere there is room.
  • Pack your toiletries.  Home is waiting for you!
  • Clean your room. Follow the guidelines given to you by the residence hall
  • Pack your cleaning supplies.

Finally, stop by an A-1 Self Storage near you and unload your dorm room into one of our clean, safe, and secure storage units! If you think you may have misjudged the size of your unit, or have any more questions at the time of your arrival our friendly storage experts will be at the office to help you out!

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