Ground Level vs. Drive Up Access: Choose the Best Self Storage Unit for Your Needs

If you've begun the search for your perfect storage unit, you likely have questions clouding your every thought from the size of the storage unit, to the logistics of moving day. It is difficult enough to get your ducks in a row without having to decipher self storage lingo. Allow us to make your life a bit easier. 

One of the most common questions we are asked is the difference between a ground level storage unit and a storage unit with drive up access. While it may seem like the two are interchangeable, you don't want to arrive at your ground level unit with a truck full of large furniture to find out that you cannot back your truck up to the unit door and slide things in, trust us. 

A ground level unit is a unit on the ground floor inside the building like the self storage units shown above. Steph, a storage expert at our Anaheim location, recommends ground level storage units if you need long term storage or want to save money. "The interior units are not exposed to the elements as much and over a long period of time are less dusty. We offer pushcarts to make your move easier so, if you are looking for savings or long term storage, the indoor unit is best" she says.

A unit with drive up access has a door located on the exterior side of the building or is completely separate from the main building altogether, bother are illustrated in the photos above. Our storage experts recommend a storage unit with drive up access if you are in a time crunch, value convenience, need to drive your vehicle directly up to the unit, or have large or heavy items to store. 

If you have additional questions always feel free to contact your local A-1 Self Storage and one of our friendly storage experts will be happy to assist you!